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Kitchen Appliances List: How to Explain to Your Boss

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Household appliances are basic elements when equipping your home. They have become almost essential in people’s lives, regardless of their occupation or profession, as they allow household chores to be easily performed in fairly short times.

Some kitchen appliances list is completely indispensable, but nowadays, thanks to technological advances, you can also access other electronic items that help save time and obtain better results in each process that you carry out in your home. 

Preparing food, keeping the spaces in your home comfortable, and ensuring the cleanliness of the different areas are just some of the activities that become simple when you have a dedicated appliance for such purposes.

Allies in your kitchen

Appliances play a very important role in the kitchen room, since being one of the areas where people spend the most time, there is a wide variety of electronic equipment that facilitates each process.

Kitchens, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, rice cookers and slow cookers, coffee makers, toasters, among others, are equipment that you should have in this space.

Gone are those long and tedious days in the kitchen to prepare a good weekend breakfast for your family, a succulent dinner for special guests or delicious desserts for celebrations. The kitchen can be a functional and fun space thanks to the many ingenious electronic devices available on the market. 

In addition to being functional, experts in the field have made great efforts to make household appliances more and more attractive and aesthetic, which is why they help your kitchen to have style, becoming the undisputed protagonists of this space and of the house in general.

Appliances made of stainless steel are one of the main trends in kitchen equipment and decoration, as they are resistant to high temperatures and various chemicals, are easily kept clean, being a totally smooth material, and provide a sober style to the spaces, with the possibility of choosing between matte or glossy finishes.

Energy efficiency, speed, safety when using them and that they are easy to maintain are important elements to take into account when selecting your appliances, as this way you will have functional equipment and guarantee a long-term investment.

Here is a list of the appliances that you should have in your kitchen room and the characteristics to look for in each of them:

1. The kitchen, the protagonist

The kitchen is undoubtedly the main appliance in this space. For your selection, take into account your lifestyle and that of your family, the number of people who will use the equipment, the procedures for which you require it and, of course, the budget you have.

You can find three types of cooker: gas cooker, induction cooker and glass ceramic cooker. Remember that the choice of any of them should be based on your needs.

Gas cookers

The gas cooker is the most popular, due to its simple and user-friendly technology. It is the most accessible in economic terms, it also offers the possibility of saving energy due to its gas-based system.

In this type of kitchen you can use almost any type of container and, for those looking for functionality, speed and precision, the gas stove is ideal.

Gas leaks are a minimal but latent risk; so follow the rules of use and have preventive measures. To clean the gas stove, use special products and place emphasis on the rack where the pots and pans are supported, as well as on the burners, since food and grease remains in these parts.

The gas cooker is a good example of value for money and, therefore, one of the most sought after.

Induction cookers

The induction cooker has a more complex technology, but due to its fast and efficient heating, it is being increasingly acquired, especially by experts in the culinary art.

Induction cookers generate an electromagnetic field through the templates, which directly heats the containers in which it is cooked.

The pots and pans to be used in this type of kitchen must always be flat-bottomed and made of steel or ferromagnetic iron.

The great advantage of induction cookers is that they reach high temperatures in a very short time and allow you to control the degrees of heat, so the waiting time is less and you can cook your food at the exact point you want.

Its efficiency is much higher than that of other kitchens. Although its price is higher than that of gas, you can pay back your investment over time, thanks to its low energy consumption.

The maintenance and cleaning of induction cookers are simpler tasks. They cool very quickly, so it is possible to wipe with a damp cloth immediately after cooking to prevent food residues from sticking to the surface.

There are also more economical and practical options such as the Holstein 2-place portable electric cooker. This type of kitchen is ideal for one person, small families who cook little or for traveling, thanks to its comfortable size.

Vitroceramic cookers

Vitrified ceramic cookers have a smooth vitrified ceramic plate that underneath has two to four circular heating elements as stoves, which are heated with an electrical or gas supply and transmit the heat to the surface.

These kitchens usually have tactile buttons, both for ignition and to regulate the heat power in each stove.

The template of a gas hob with 5 burners of 76 cm is spacious, providing convenience when cooking. Like gas, you can use any type of container, although cooking is a little slower and you must wait to get the right temperature.

Another option is the 4-burner beveled glass ceramic touch electric jig , which has an innovative and attractive design. It is a good-sized and easy-to-build model. 

In all cases it is recommended to be careful when using them, keeping a safe distance from the heat source.

You can also avoid burns by using pots and pans that cover the entire surface of the counter.

In addition to the kitchens, another ideal element, especially for lovers of pastries and baked dishes, is the 70 l electric and gas oven 5 heating methods , which is a built-in and multifunctional equipment thanks to the various heating methods .

2. Extractors to say goodbye to smells

Extractors, also known as fume hoods, are a fundamental element in a kitchen, as in addition to helping to keep the environment clean and free of odors, they give a touch of modernity.

These artifacts can be located hidden in tall furniture or with the duct exposed.

The 76 cm steel LED fireplace 2 aluminum filters 2 filters or the 76 cm stainless steel extractor are two options to consider. Both models are extremely modern and, due to their shape and materials, bring a lot of personality to this room in your home.

There is a wide range of designs, between innovation and elegance, that make the extractor fan one of the most important and striking appliances in a kitchen.

3. Refrigerators or fridges, for fresh and well-preserved food

The refrigerator is another essential piece of equipment in the home that always goes hand in hand with the kitchen, because it helps keep your food in optimal conditions.

The Mabe 14 ‘Silver Dispenser Refrigerator has three tempered glass shelves to organize your food, along with other useful containers, and a door water dispenser. Your freezer does not produce frost and is characterized by its energy efficiency.

There are refrigerators with more space for storing products, as well as other functions that may be necessary. This is the case with the GE 26-foot side-by-side refrigerator , which features two doors, a water dispenser, a freezer ice maker, an open door alarm and a child lock.

4. The microwave, the magic of instantaneity

The microwave is one of the first appliances that everyone wants in their home. Its function of heating or defrosting food is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why this appliance is constantly used to facilitate day-to-day routines.

The General Electric 30-liter stainless steel microwave is an excellent purchase option if you want to prepare sauces, melt cheese or butter, and cook certain foods in less time, all while consuming little energy.  

5. The toaster oven, an ally that suits you

Let your crispy toast impress with its flavor and texture with the help of the 6-slice convection toaster oven . This appliance will make it easier for you to heat, toast, brown and bake faster. It is ideal for small portions of food or when you want to avoid turning on your kitchen oven.

With this small and practical appliance you can save electricity, time and cleaning requires little effort. It is recommended to have some molds and containers according to the oven and intended only for this use.

6. Coffee ready when you need it

The pleasure of tasting good coffee depends both on the quality of the bean and the equipment used to prepare it. Today’s coffee makers are fast and easy to use, giving you the ability to prepare your coffee in a short time, at any time of the day, and consume it fresh.

The 12-cup programmable plastic digital coffee maker is beautifully designed and has good capacity. It has been created for coffee lovers who need convenience in their preparation. It is efficient and adapts to the busiest lifestyles.

7. A wonderful pot

The rice cooker is an appliance created for those people who have little time to cook. There are rice cookers that only work to cook rice, but there are also models that allow you to cook other foods.

The 20-Cup Multi-Purpose Cooker and Rice Cooker, for example, contains a container on top, between the lid and the pot, that will allow you to steam vegetables, as well as chicken, fish, and even meats.

The Hamilton Beach 5-liter slow cooker is specially designed for various processes such as slow cooking beans, lentils or chickpeas to soften them and, in turn, preserves the nutrients in these foods.

People who use this type of pot usually leave food in preparation overnight to taste it the next day. They take more time to complete the cooking process, but you will save electricity and money considerably.

8. Blenders, synonymous with speed and convenience

The main function of blenders is to grind and mix food or substances. It is one of the most used appliances to include vegetables and fruits in food and drinks quickly and conveniently.

The Ninja BL610 1000 W professional blender will help you process raw or cooked food in a short time and efficiently.

You can also make personalized drinks with the Holstein Black Personal Blender – all in seconds!

9. Food processors, to prepare recipes more quickly

The Windmere 1-1 / 2 “white food grinder will allow you to chop and grind your meals quickly and safely. In a short time you will be able to process your food, prepare your purees, hummus or any dip without investing much time and effort .

10. Mixers, fast and necessary

The electric mixer is an exceptional and fantastic accessory for whipping meringues, creams and creams. For lovers of desserts and pastries, the Kitchen Aid variety of colors will be your main tool.

11. High-value ancillary appliances

There are other pieces of equipment that will make your kitchen tasks less tedious, such as the GE dishwasher that will make it easier for you to clean your kitchen utensils and containers without spending so much time.  

The juicer, which will allow you to extract the juice from your fruits and vegetables, and the 1 liter 1 000 W kettle , which boils water in much less time than it would take in the kitchen, are two extremely useful devices that are sometimes undervalued, but whose use has a great impact because they greatly facilitate tasks in the kitchen.

There is also the 2.5-liter digital air fryer that is versatile and practical when it comes to preparing certain fries in a healthier way. It is a modern appliance that is gaining more and more points among those who prepare food.

Better results in less time is what many look for today when cooking and, for this, you need the necessary equipment. Build yours with the help of this guide.

Also, keep these recommendations in mind when buying your appliances:

1. Try to buy the appliances that you will actually use. An out of use equipment loses its useful life and will be an item that will only take up space inside your kitchen.

2. Before buying equipment, you must also take into account its energy expenditure. Today most electronic devices carry labels specifying their energy efficiency.

3. It is important to buy pots and containers according to the type of cooker you are using.

4. Remember to provide the necessary care and maintenance to keep your appliances in good working order.

5. Always unplug your appliances after use, except for the refrigerator, which must remain connected to the power source.

It is time to do a count of what you need in your kitchen room. Follow these recommendations and purchase necessary and functional appliances for equipping this essential part of the home.

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