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Best Portable Refrigerator For Farmers Market

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Best Portable Refrigerator For Farmers Market

Yes! In this article, About of Portable Refrigerators for farmers market today. In the kit of the perfect Sunday, the refrigerator can never be missing. 

It is a device that fulfills the most precious function: keeping the beer cold and preserving food. 

So do not underestimate this portable refrigerator, because it will depend on it that the days off become unforgettable days or a real ordeal. 

If you decide to buy the Mobicool G30 thermoelectric refrigerator, you will be completely right, because its characteristics are unbeatable.

To consider

A portable refrigerator for farmers’ market offers various models, all of them with different characteristics to suit the consumer. 

But its function is clear: to protect supplies from inclement weather and to be able to enjoy them at their optimum point.

Before buying, analyze the frequency of its use, how many members are in the family, and the type of activity they do when they go out to enjoy the countryside. 

The answers will mark the final purchase, since depending on these, you will choose, among others, for a folding refrigerator, one with wheels, a thermoelectric refrigerator, one made of polyester or plastic, etc.

The following comparison includes the five best models of medium capacity (between 20 and 30 liters) that the market offers, based on the opinions of experts. 

Let yourself be advised by the true specialists to savor a ten-day of rest and at a reasonable price. 

The range is between 15 and 120$.



SetPower RV series dual-zone portable refrigerator is equipped with a powerful compressor for fast cooling that can reach 0℉ within 30 mins (MAX mode from laboratory data). If you’re in a power limitation situation, you can also choose ECO mode for energy-saving, which means you don’t need to waste money and time to pay the electricity bill and buy ice.

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The winner: Mobicool G30 | Best Portable Refrigerator For Farmers Market

Mobicool is one of the big brands in the market for portable refrigerators. Their products are “durable and reliable”, they boast. 

And it is not for less, since the benefits of its Mobicool G30 and other models are ideal for those outdoor meals.

The refrigerator, unlike others, is thermoelectric. 

That is, it cools using electrical energy. 

It connects either to the car socket or to the mains and cools down to 18 degrees below room temperature. 

In addition, it has a USB port to charge the mobile or similar devices.

With a capacity of 29 liters and a weight of 4.3 kilos, the Mobicool G30 offers more than enough space for Sunday outings. 

To give you an idea, it can hold bottles of up to two liters vertically. 

So you won’t be able to say no to your kid’s sodas.

In short, it is an ideal model for those who usually camp or set up the beach bar near the car.

Comfortable to carry by means of a handle, it incorporates as an extra power regulator with ECO mode that reduces the fan speed. 

This function is very quiet ‒the specialists emphasize por, so it will be great so that the noise does not spoil your nap.

As a last note, it will be very useful for those barbecues in your garden. With it by your side, you won’t have to continually go into the house looking for a drink.

Best Seller: Campingaz Fold ‘N Cool

Campingaz’s Fold ‘N Cold model is the best-selling model on the market, perhaps due to its versatility. 

Its 20-liter capacity invalidates it to put containers larger than a liter and a half or many drinks in it, but it is enough for a picnic.

Its virtues are: it is easy to carry by means of an adjustable strap on the shoulder or in the hand, it is foldable and it keeps the cold for 12 hours. 

Of course, like other models that are not thermoelectric, it needs accumulators – which are sold separately – to keep food and drink fresh.

It is ideal for a couple or a small family that wants to go out to eat in the countryside or on the beach.

One of the main drawbacks is that being foldable, it lacks a rigid base so that it does not sink with the weight. But because of its low cost, you can’t ask for more.

The most cool: Tomshoo

If you’re more of a picnic in the city because your vibe is urban and modern, the Tomshoo 30-liter cooler is your choice. 

It has similar characteristics to those of Campingaz, such as the option to fold up to save space. The specialists have also verified that its capacity does not correspond to what is sold nor does it require the time it retains the cold. 

For this reason, it is not suitable for storing a lot of food or drink or taking it away for a whole day away from home.

In fact, there are many people who, by design, use it for shopping or to take it to work.

The main differences with the previous model are: it is made of Oxford cloth and is gripped by an aluminum handle and EVA handle.

The polka dot design is in different colors: pink, blue, black, and green. It will be the coolest or, without a doubt.



This Mini Refrigerator is designed to improve your living and entertaining comfort. The absorption system refrigerator is a compact, totally silent refrigerator that uses no compressors or fans. Originally developed for commercial use or similar use. With its silent operation and attractive design, you will enjoy the convenience and comfort for years to come.

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Large capacity: Coleman 52QT Xtreme

Are you looking for a refrigerator with a capacity that will withstand the cold for longer? 

The Coleman 52QT Xtreme is the solution. With a capacity of 49 liters, this model is designed for a long getaway or for large families.

Due to its measurements and its trunk-like design with a hinged lid, it is advisable to carry it between two people once it is filled with food or drink. For this, it has a handle on each side.

Specialists point out that with the reinforced insulation on the lid and base of the new models, you can keep the ice blocks for up to two days. 

Coleman assures that its refrigerators do so “at 5 Giorni”, that is, up to five days. 

Therefore, it is worth opting for such a model when thinking about a weekend away from home.

Most expensive: Igloo Maxcold 40

Within the range of portable refrigerators with medium capacity in this comparison, the Igloo Maxcold 40 model offers other different benefits in terms of mobility and design. 

It has two wheels, two side handles and a larger one to drag it.

Experts say that it holds the ice really well (like the Coleman) under hot temperatures and is very practical to move from one place to another, since it is not very heavy.

Its 40-liter capacity makes it great for four people.

The downside is its price, as it soars above the other portable refrigerators reviewed, but it well deserves to pay that extra for those differentiating features it offers.

For you!

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