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Top 10 best microwave oven brands in the world in 2023 | Best microwave oven

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microwave for baking

Best microwave oven

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To know which built-in microwave oven for the best microwave oven brands baking to buy, it is tempting to let yourself be guided primarily by design in order to have a beautiful kitchen.

However, since aesthetics only nourish the soul, it is important to take the time to compare built-in ovens before making a decision so that use and maintenance are also easy and pleasant.

We, therefore, offer you below a carefully made selection of the best built-in ovens 2020. This will probably allow you to find the best model for your kitchen.

And if our favorite reference is the oven, all products are presented with technical details. Complete your reading with our dossier on the best extractor hoods.

Why is our built-in to need to know about best microwave oven brands for baking and grilling reviews reliable?

In order to make our selections kitchen appliance microwave oven for baking, we work strictly from the products, objectively. Indeed, we do not work for a brand, but for our readers ( find out more ).

The idea is, first of all, to restrict the possible products from the best sales and award-winning products or put them forward in the specialized press.

At the same time, we take the time to educate ourselves on the technical details, so as to have no doubts about the differences between catalysis and pyrolysis or to understand technological innovations.

Finally, in addition to any product tests, we take into account the opinions posted online by users, on forums, and on sites such as Amazon and Darty.

How to choose a built-in oven?

Very important things for the reader about the best microwave oven brands

As said in the introduction, the format and the design are important criteria, but they are not sufficient to know the best microwave oven brands which microwave oven for baking to buy for your kitchen.

It is best to take other elements into account to buy a product that is sustainable and will not impact your electricity bill too much.

✔ Format and volume

This is the first point: choose an oven that will fit well into the niche you have planned. There is still a fairly classic format that we find most often, with just a few millimeters of variation. The same goes for the volume of the cavity, very often 71 liters. Here, therefore, we only present large ovens. 

Catalysis or pyrolysis

These are the two cleaning modes built into an oven. The catalytic system is very popular because it is cheaper. However, it requires a little manual maintenance and the more you cook sweet dishes, the more it loses its effectiveness.

When buying the oven, the pyrolysis system is often more expensive, but it is more durable and has a little less power consumption. In addition, maintenance is done via a self-managed cleaning program, there is nothing to do (except for the glass door).

Type of cooking

An oven can operate with fan heat (forced or stirred) or with natural convection. In addition to this first difference, there may be other cooking methods such as the grill (sending heat strictly from the top) or a microwave. However, to also have a microwave, we recommend that you read this guide to choose a microwave oven for baking.

✔ Energy consumption

Rather than the power in watts, it is preferable to take into account the consumption advertised for a cycle. This makes it possible to compare the ovens on a strictly identical measuring element. It is also possible to take into account the energy class.

Control panel

The settings can be made on a touch screen, with buttons or with dials to turn. Additionally, there may be a monitor and indicator lights or nothing at all.


The minimum amplitude is 50 to 250 ° C. However, some ovens allow you to heat less or more strongly. For some preparations, this may be necessary.

Timer – clock

The presence of a timer can either just be used to know that it is time to turn off the oven or be associated with an automatic shutdown. The clock is most often a simple LED clock when there is one.


It is the facade that is important: the color, the lines, the shape of the transparent glass. This criterion is very personal and it is up to you to choose according to your cuisine.

Door lock

The opening of the door is most often done by simply pulling the handle. Some models include child safety, with a small button to be operated at the same time as the handle is pulled.

Electric oven price

It is possible to buy a built-in microwave oven for baking for a few hundred euros or for more than 1500 EUR. Of course the quality, options and accessories will not be the same.


The brand is a criterion like any other for evaluating durability and access to after-sales service. This may eventually allow the purchase of other items for the kitchen with the exact same design.

Top 10 best microwave oven brands in the world | Best Microwave oven reviews now!

1. GE Appliances Microwave Oven | Best microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking
source by amazon

This electric built-in oven is a cheap model, sold between 150 and 300 EUR. It allows you to have an elegant, functional device, without breaking the bank. The facade is dark gray, sober, with a full glass door.

On the other hand, this means that in terms of cooking, it remains a basic oven. It works with natural convection and it offers three types of cooking: traditional oven, grill (heat from the top), or heat from the bottom only.

The useful capacity is 65 liters. The dimensions for the installation are 56 x 58.5 x 59.5 cm. The total weight is 27 kg. The electric power is 2100 watts and the electric consumption is 0.80 kWh / cycle, which makes this device a product in energy class A.

We can therefore use it regularly and even for a long time without worrying about its energy bill. electricity.

The control panel is simple, without a screen. It includes two knobs to turn. On the right one choose the cooking mode or possibly the internal lighting of the oven.

On the left the temperature is selected, between 50 and 240 ° C . With the oven, we receive as accessories a grid and a drip pan. So there is everything you need for daily use, varied or not.

  • From 50 to 240 ° C
  • Natural convection
  • Lighting
  • Power of 2100 W
  • 3 types of cooking
  • No self-cleaning
  • No timer
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2. Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven | Best microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking
source by amazon

This built-in oven is a black and stainless steel model with a time display in the center. It is a pyrolysis oven that diffuses forced heat. But above all, it offers 10 different functions for cooking meals, including natural convection, pizza, grill, defrost, dough proofing, normal or eco forced heat.

It has good power which adapts to needs. The electricity consumption is 0.89 kWh / cycle according to the basic calculation, but it is above all 0.69 kWh / cycle in accelerated mode. Suddenly, it is an oven which is energy class A +.

In addition to that, there is halogen lighting which has its own power consumption (25 watts). The two accessories included are a grid and a drip pan.

As said before, there are ten cooking functions that can be selected by turning the knob to the left. Each function is represented with a symbol to understand what it is each time. The other button concerns the temperature which can be from 60 to 250 ° C.

In the center, the screen displays the current time. On the other hand, the buttons to set the time are a little too accessible.

If children can reach them, the clock is likely to be regularly out of order with just one or two clicks.

The format is fairly standard, with a volume of 71 liters, a weight of 27.1 kg, and a built-in dimension of 60 x 56 x 55.5 cm. The only negative remark that comes up is that the ventilation system at the end of cooking is quite noisy.

  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Forced heat
  • Halogen lighting
  • Energy class A +
  • 10 functions
  • Quite noisy ventilation
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3. Whirlpool Countertop Microwave| Best microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking
source by amzon

Here is a very complete and modern built-in oven. It is a pyrolysis oven, offering pulsed heat and rotating heat. It has a light gray and black front, with a door that stays cool and a child safety lock on the door.

The controls are centered above the door and do not work with turn knobs. It is, therefore, necessary to use the instructions during the first use in order to fully understand how everything works. It can be learned quickly, but it’s not particularly intuitive.

On the other hand, the advantage of all these controls is that they give access to 10 functions such as natural convection, pulse heat, convection heat, grill, ventilated grill, dough rising, defrosting, etc. The power is a maximum of 3650 watts (for the grill) and the temperature is 30 to 250 ° C.

Despite everything, the electricity consumption is extremely correct, since it is 0.7 kWh / cycle in pulsed heat (against 0.91 kWh / cycle in normal mode). As a result, this oven is energy class A +.

If the format is relatively standard (56.4 x 59.5 x 59.5 cm), it is a fairly heavy oven (37 kg). It has a total volume of 73 liters. The set is made in Italy. Halogen lighting (40 watts) also makes it possible to follow the cooking without necessarily opening the door wide or without removing the dish.

  • From 30 to 250 ° C
  • Cold door
  • Made in Italy
  • 10 functions included
  • Child lock
  • A little complex handling
  • Heavy device
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4. Toshiba Microwave Oven | Best microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking
source by amazon

This high-end built-in oven model offers great security for placing and retrieving dishes because the door can be retracted. In principle, the door opens in a classic way, downwards.

But then, you can slide the door completely under the oven in one movement. We can therefore approach from the inside without fear of getting burned. It is extremely practical on many levels.

The control panel is tactile with backlighting. A small central screen lets you know what you have selected. It is even possible to program the oven. We have access to 12 cooking modes such as oven mode, ventilated grill, pizza mode, eco mode, etc.

The maximum temperature is 290 ° C for the grill and 270 ° C for natural convection. In addition, three accessories are included for complete use: a grid, a drip tray, and a baking tray.

Consumption is 0.87 kWh / cycle in conventional use and 0.69 kWh / cycle in forced convection. The maximum power is 3650 watts. The format is classic, 60 × 60 cm type, on the other hand, the oven is quite heavy (38 kg).

  • Energy class A +
  • 12 cooking modes
  • Retractable door
  • 3-glass door
  • Backlit touch screen
  • Temperate door and not cold
  • Quite heavy
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5. Panasonic Microwave Oven | Best microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking

This model of the built-in oven is the same as the one above, but with the added pyrolysis. This means that the internal maintenance is done automatically and this is what explains the price difference between the two models. The plus here is that the accessories are pyrolyzed, so you can leave them in the oven during the cleaning cycle and get everything back in good condition. The accessories in question are a wire rack, a drip pan, and a baking sheet.

The other difference between the two models is that here, the door is a cold door (at 60 °) with 4 windows with child safety. It does not heat up and the safety around the oven is increased. In addition, we find the completely retractable door, which is very practical, especially for an oven installed in height. You can approach the oven correctly and safely to place or retrieve a dish.

The backlit, tactile control panel gives access to 12 varied cooking modes, a temperature of up to 290 ° (in grill mode or 270 ° C in natural convection), and a programmer. The diffusion of heat allows optimal use.

Finally, the format is exactly the same as the microwave oven for baking just above and close to all the 60 × 60 cm ovens. It measures exactly 59.5 x 59.5 x 54.8 cm and it weighs 38 kg. This gives it a total volume of 71 liters.

  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Retractable door
  • 12 cooking modes
  • Up to 290 ° C on the grill
  • Color touch screen
  • Energy class A +
  • Quite heavy
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6. De’Longhi Convection Toaster Oven | Best microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking
source by amazon

The first portable electric oven on the list is from the well-known Italian brand DeLonghi. It is a very compact product, with dimensions of only 53 x 44 x 34 centimeters on the outside, and a large capacity of 52 liters. 

Its 2,000 W power guarantees you can prepare any type of food in it. In addition, this mini electric oven reaches temperatures of up to 230ºC and allows you to program the time that it will be in operation up to 120 minutes, and it also has an internal light, which will allow you to see the status of your food.

When you buy this mini-oven, you will also get several accessories that will give it more versatility: a baking tray, another for roasting, one to collect the crumbs, and a rotisserie-type accessory to prepare whole chickens.

The biggest drawback of this small electric oven is that it only has a fan to distribute the heat inside, unlike convection ovens.

  • 2,000 W of power and up to 230ºC of temperature
  • Very compact dimensions but great capacity
  • Various extra accessories to give you more functionalities
  • It only has a fan to distribute the heat
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7. Tovala Countertop WiFi Oven |Best convection microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking
source by amazon

We continue our list for small pastry ovens with the well-known German brand Tovala Gen 2 Smart Steam Oven. This mini electric microwave oven – grill has a power of 2,000 W, which allows it to reach temperatures of 230ºC in a very short time.

This roasting oven has two cooking plates, one on the top and one on the bottom. It also has a convection function, which ensures that the heat will be distributed evenly throughout its interior, as well as various accessories such as grill, chicken skewer, and baking tray.

The use is very simple thanks to its four selector wheels that will allow you to choose exactly the program of this mini oven. It has an interior light, an audible signal, non-slip rubber feet, and a grill for the air outlet.

  • Great power and functionality
  • Convection oven with two warming racks
  • Various accessories such as grill tray and chicken skewer
  • Very easy control
  • Does not include instructions in Spanish
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8. KitchenAid Countertop Toaster Oven | Best built-in convection microwave 2022

microwave oven for baking

We continue our benchtop oven comparison with this one from the Camry brand. After a very simple and attractive appearance, it hides great functionality. It has 2000 W of power, which allows it to reach temperatures of up to 250ºC without any difficulty.

With 60 liters of capacity, much more than what most small pastry ovens have, you can cook all kinds of food with it. It has both top and bottom resistances, and you can easily choose the program thanks to its three selector wheels.

It also has several extra functions such as a timer of up to 60 minutes, anti-slip feet to give it greater stability, and a fan that prevents overheating. It includes a grill tray so you can start using this small electric oven from the first moment.

  • Large capacity inside
  • 2000 W of power and up to 250ºC of temperature
  • Very easy to use
  • Extra features like timer or non-slip feet
  • Could include more accessories
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9. Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Convection Oven | Best countertop convection microwave oven brands

microwave oven for baking

The last microwave oven for baking on the list is characterized above all by its excellent value for money. For a very affordable amount of money, you will have a 35-liter convection oven and the capacity to reach up to 250ºC thanks to its upper and lower heating elements.

Its handling is very simple thanks to the three control wheels that it includes on the front. One of them will allow you to program the timer, which you can set for up to 60 minutes. It also includes an interior light so you can see the status of your food, and non-slip feet to make it more stable.

This electric tabletop oven includes several accessories that give it even more versatility: a baking tray, a grill tray, and a chicken skewer that will allow you to use the Rotisserie function (rotisserie).

  • Great value for the price
  • Convection function
  • Resistors both above and below
  • It only has 35 liters of capacity
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How to install a built-in oven and microwave?

The advice here is general and it is best to check the instructions for your oven if there are any specificities to take into account. In addition, you will need two to install the oven. Before you begin, make sure that the electricity is turned off at the circuit breaker for the outlet to which the oven will be connected. You must first bring the oven to its niche, then make the electrical connection correctly. Make sure that the cable will not then come in contact with the heating elements of the oven. Once this is done, the oven can be fully integrated into its niche. It must then be fixed with screws (open the door for this).

How to remove a built-in microwave oven?

To remove a built-in oven, you must first remove the elements inside the oven (such as the grill) then cut off the electricity at the general circuit breaker. Make sure that the oven can no longer turn on. Then you have to go to the fixing system and unscrew the oven from its location. It is then necessary to gently pull the wire so as to reveal the electric cable. Unplug as soon as possible to slip behind the oven. Once this is done, you can completely remove the oven from its location.

What to choose: integrated or 22 inch built-in microwave ?

In both cases, it is an oven to be inserted in a niche. The built-in oven is a sub-category among the built-in ovens. An integrated oven must be able to be integrated into the kitchen in the same way as a dishwasher for example. That is to say that a space is provided, but that one does not necessarily aim for a perfect match. While the built-in oven must give the impression of having been made to measure for the kitchen. It aligns perfectly with other furniture and does not protrude at any level. The result is more aesthetic, but you have to make sure you have the right dimensions, both for the niche and for the oven.

What to choose: catalytic or pyrolysis built-in oven?

The terms pyrolysis and catalysis are actually associated with the oven cleaning system. This does not affect the cooling efficiency of the oven in any way. On the other hand, this concerns the maintenance and the price of the built-in oven. The cheapest solution is the catalysis furnace. It is also the solution that consumes the least and diffuses the least odor. On the other hand, it will still be necessary to clean the inside with a degreasing product regularly. In addition, the walls have an average lifespan of 5 years, which is reduced if we bake a lot of pastries (that is to say sugar). So in general, the best choice is the pyrolysis oven. On the other hand, cleaning is not done during cooking, but during a special cleaning cycle, effective against all grease and on all walls (except the door).

Best microwave oven

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Buying guide of the microwave oven for baking

Still don’t know which oven to buy? In this part of the guide, I explain everything you need to know to choose your model.

Are these small ovens also suitable for baking?

The answer is that most of them are used to making pastries without any problem. Of course, your oven will be able to fulfill this function more easily if it has heating elements both above and below, and especially if it is convection.

What is the capacity of the oven?

Most portable ovens have a 45-liter capacity. However, there are also smaller or larger models that adjust to the needs of each one. The largest on the list holds up to 60 liters, and the smallest, 35.

What is the power of the portable oven?

Almost all tabletop ovens have powers close to or close to 2000W. This power is more than enough to prepare any type of food, and it usually allows them to reach temperatures of up to 250ºC without difficulties. 

Best brands of microwave oven for baking

The range of options available today in the benchtop oven segment makes it difficult to decide on a specific model. Obviously, we must assess the different functions included and choose the ones that best suit us, but also the brand of the appliance. Choosing a company that offers trust and reliability is as important as the rest of the oven’s features to ensure it is durable and performs well. To help those interested, here is a guide to some prominent brands. 

Orbegozo oven

In recent years, the Basque company Orbegozo has managed to position itself among the most sold and valued in the market for small household appliances, both home and professional. The quality offered by its products, as well as the variety thereof, guarantee that the purchase will be a success. Its microwave ovens for baking are no exception and, in fact, the Orbegozo HO232 is the best-seller in recent times.

TZS First Austria ovens

With only 30 years of existence, the TZS First Austria brand has built a great reputation in the small appliance market in the USA. Perhaps in Spain it is not yet as well known as others, but, little by little, it is managing to gain a niche in the preference of users. A good example can be found in its 30-liter tabletop oven, which is among the most demanded in the sector. 

Moulinex ovens

There will be very few who do not know this brand founded in 1845 and, even, who have not ever used one of its products. It is one of the market leaders for small household appliances in the USA and Europe and the quality and guarantee of its appliances are beyond doubt. In addition to its well-known mixers, toasters, or coffee makers, it offers a good range of tabletop ovens, standing out for their ease of use and power.

Different types of a small convection oven for baking

Microwave features to look for

Microwave ovens have been a very common element in our kitchens for many years now. More and more people use them to prepare complete recipes, although it is true that they need us to adapt to the particularities of their operation. Today they can be used to fry, cook, or grill food. It just takes a little research on how to achieve the best result.

Convection ovens for baking

Convection ovens incorporate a fan that circulates the hot air evenly inside the appliance. This achieves a better distribution of heat, allowing more efficient and uniform cooking. Also, they usually take less time to get the food ready. 

Roast ovens

If you want to enjoy some tasty roasts prepared in your oven, there are a few tips that you should follow. First, choose one that has enough capacity for what you want to cook; second, power and a temperature regulator suitable for this function; and third, that it has a rack and/or an accessory so that the meat turns while it cooks. 

Toaster ovens

Lovers of freshly toasted bread or pizzas will find this type of oven the perfect tool for their kitchen. In general, a power ranging between 800 and 1500 watts is enough for it to do its job correctly. Obviously, you will be able to use it for other foods, even to grill meat, even if you have to wait a little longer than with other models. 

Microwave ovens with grill

One of the common complaints from microwave users is the lack of a function that gives the perfect touch to some recipes that need to be grilled. Therefore, this oven combines both functions so that everyone is happy. The grill will allow, for example, that the cheese is perfectly gratinated before removing the plate or giving it a golden point that we like in certain foods. 

What is the best oven for baking?

It is an appliance very similar to the microwave oven for baking, however, it is used to prepare baked foods in the same way as a traditional oven. In other words, it is a mix between the body and appearance of a microwave and the cooking of a conventional oven. The fact that we enjoy the comforts of both devices in one gives it many advantages and benefits. 

Initially, with a portable oven, you won’t have to make major changes in the kitchen to install it. You just have to find the ideal place to place it and voila, just like you did with the microwave. Even if you don’t want it to be a decoration in the kitchen, you can save it after finishing its use. Most of these mini ovens have totally modern designs that offer a very elegant touch to our room.

Its measurements are almost equal to those of a microwave, on average 40 x 40 x 32 centimeters. So you can start thinking about where you want to put it.

Compared to the competition, this device is much cheaper. Even the best countertop ovens tend to be cheaper than traditional ovens. Indeed, with the $ 250 that a conventional oven costs, you can buy up to four portable electric ovens. For their part, these appliances use their ample power, of about 2000W, so that the heat penetrates to the center of the food, a fact that produces the perfect golden color in the meals we make.

What should I take into account when buying an oven without installation?

Who doesn’t love to go shopping? Without a doubt, we all like it, and if what you are going to buy are kitchen appliances, much better. However, we must take into account not to waste money on very peculiar devices with functionalities that we will never profit from. Generally, it is a rule for everything, but that many people ignore. If you are looking to buy the best tabletop oven, it is to take advantage of each of its functions. Now, take note of the aspects you should consider when purchasing one:


Many of the electrical appliances have a container to place the food, whether it is fryers, bread makers, express pots, etc., the measuring mechanism is the liter. To choose its capacity, you must take into account both the type of food you are going to cook and the number of people who are going to enjoy it. After this, we will know how many liters the tabletop oven should be. The most purchased are those between 25 and 40 liters, which is suitable for 3 to 6 people.


Although this point also depends on what type of food is going to be prepared, certainly, the more power the mini oven has, the better. Efficiency is never too much and if you want to cook a large and solid food, you will require full energy to achieve proper cooking. To choose the best appliance you must verify that it has at least 1500W.

You have to be aware and be careful when buying one of these devices, since there are small inexpensive ovens that have power less than 1000W and that will only be useful for preparing simple meals. Also, don’t forget the fact that the more power it has, the more electrical energy it will consume. 

Best microwave oven

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Regardless of what you want the mini oven for, this is a significant requirement. Depending on the food, the food requires a minimum temperature of between 80 ° or 90 ° C or heating of 250 ° C. In relation to the high temperatures of these appliances, very favorable ratings have been obtained from users who explain how simple They are made to prepare any type of food in these countertop ovens. So, check that the device you are going to buy includes this function because if it does not have it you will be wasting your money.


A great benefit of these electrical appliances compared to traditional ones is that they are usually much easier to clean. Nobody likes to spend so long doing the toilet. Make sure the surface material of the tabletop oven is non-stick. In this way, you will greatly limit the time of the sanitizing process.


It is an element that, nowadays, includes many appliances, and that is also sufficiently useful when apart from cooking you are doing other activities. It makes cooking easier since you won’t have to keep track of the time you put the food in the oven. For busy or somewhat forgetful people, it is absolutely important that the appliance has a timer, so that food will never burn.

Traditional oven vs Standard oven

Within the tabletop electric ovens you can choose between a traditional one or a standard one. The first works with a fan that distributes heat throughout the interior of the appliance which provides a more pleasant effect. These are more expensive. On the other hand, the second includes a thermostat with which we can regulate the temperature caused by the electric resistances, it allows us to toast, roast, and of course bake. 

How much portable oven price?

These appliances are completely successful from any point of view, so there are infinite options on the market, and with them, different prices for those who prefer a simple oven or want to require a more developed appliance. However, there are high-quality, non-installed ovens that cannot even be compared to the cost of a gas one. 

The best-selling portable ovens are those of recognized brands and that have quite appropriate characteristics, they are obtained in virtual stores for a price of no more than $58. In addition, models with similar qualities and with the same functionalities can be purchased for no more than $60.

Why buy a countertop oven?

At this point, we will explain the advantages of acquiring one of these appliances for our kitchen. Some benefits of small ovens compared to traditional ones are:

  • Cheap: Generally, they are much cheaper than conventional ovens and composite appliances.
  • Flexible: Being devices without installation, like microwaves, all we have to do is find a place to place it and connect them to a power outlet. It can be placed on the countertop, in the summer house, in an office or moved to a campsite if we need it.
  • Easy Installation: These appliances do not need a complex installation as traditional ovens or built-in microwaves may require, simply by plugging them into an electrical outlet, we have them ready to use.
  • Lower energy consumption: Fortunately, these appliances consume less electricity than a conventional oven, so we will obtain a great advantage in the monthly electricity bill. 

How to clean a microwave oven for baking?

Mostly, there are effective cleaning tricks for all household appliances, each model has different explanations detailed in the instruction manual, so it is highly recommended to read before cleaning. This is how we are going to explain how to remove dirt and what you will need to achieve it:

  1. The first thing you should do before you start cleaning the mini oven is to turn it off and unplug it from the power outlet. This is essential to avoid any dangerous incident.
  2. You can activate it in advance for a few minutes so that it is warm, in this way, you will make the fat loosen and it will be easier to remove it. However, before starting the wash, unplug it and wait for it to warm up.
  3. Protect your clothes with an apron or wear old clothes at the time of hygiene so you will not damage your clothes.
  4. Never use sharp instruments like metal knives or spatulas.
  5. Remove the trays and racks, then soak them in the sink with boiling water and detergent.
  6. Choose a suitable cleaning product and follow the directions on the label. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves to take care of your hands.
  7. During the detergent action, begin to rinse the trays and racks that you previously soaked.
  8. With the help of a wire sponge, scrape the grates to remove any accumulated grease.
  9. Wash the racks and trays in hot water.
  10. After 10 minutes, depending on the specifications of the product you used, check if the dirt has softened and remove everything using a regular sponge. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  11. Rinse well with hot water and a damp tissue.

How to clean the glass door of a mini oven?

Use hot water, white vinegar, or any spray glass cleaner to wash the glass in your appliance. Let the product act for about 10 minutes and rinse with hot water. Finally, wipe the inside and outside of the appliance with a damp cloth again to make sure there are no traces of detergent anywhere.

Do electric ovens include all the programs?

Today, these small ovens are very versatile, they work better, and especially with many more levels, so we can do with them everything we want, such as roasting chickens, browning, gratin and even using it to defrost food, plus many They use it for temperature preservation.

Gradually, countertop ovens are getting ahead thanks to their numerous culinary functions. Little by little, they gain more information on the controls, offering better energy efficiency or made of materials that are increasingly simple to clean.

How to use microwave oven for baking?

Do you have an oven in your kitchen, but you don’t know how to use it? This appliance has excellent advantages that make it an exceptional appliance. In addition, this type of small oven keeps the heat produced inside it, so it does not come out taking over the whole kitchen or going to other spaces. To make a perfect baking, here we explain how to use a tabletop oven:

  1. To start, choose the food you are going to prepare and take into account the cooking instructions. If you explain that the appliance should be preheated before cooking, simply activate the mini oven to the temperature specified by that recipe. If no other option is indicated, make sure to choose the central rack of the appliance to achieve a sensible cooking.
  2. If your portable oven has a timer , set the time indicated in the recipe. When a variable period is recommended, that is, between a minimum and a maximum of minutes, it is appropriate to select the minimum time, so you will avoid burning the food and in this way, you can continue heating it in case it is not completely ready .
  3. During food cooking , check the oven from time to time to verify that your food is cooking normally. You can take a look through the glass of the appliance door or open it gently and look carefully inside. If you find that the dish is preparing too quickly, lower the temperature to about 10 or 15 degrees.
  4. Finally, when the timer indicates that the cooking time has finished or when you see that your food is ready, open the door of the appliance and, with the help of some oven mitts, remove the dish from the oven. Then turn it off and close the door. In case you consider that the dish is a few minutes away from being able to eat it perfectly, leave it in the appliance for a while, but observe its improvement closely.
  5. When making a cake in a portable oven , make sure that it is ready and that you can remove it from the oven by following some recommendations such as: If the cake is golden brown, if it bounces a little when touched or if when inserting a toothpick in the center , it comes out dry.
  6. It is essential that you take into account the following care of the countertop oven to keep it in optimal conditions at all times:
  • To cook safely it is advisable to use the same trays included in the appliance, as well as the lacquered, enameled and dark-colored ones.
  • Avoid as much as possible that the trays are too close or come in direct contact with the internal heat source. In addition, these must be placed completely in the center, since thanks to this the heat will be distributed evenly through the food.
  • Place the portable oven in a space that does not have very cold ventilation, so as not to force electricity consumption, since the temperature outside can affect the temperature of the appliance itself.
  • Finally, when cleaning the tabletop oven, avoid using strong detergents so as not to damage your appliance, instead choose something more natural such as damp cloths with lemon and vinegar.

Without a doubt, a portable electric oven is an appliance that has many advantages to offer. It is not known if one day it might replace the gas oven as it is commonly known for a long time, but what we can be sure of is that it will continue to reach many homes around the world.

Where can you buy a microwave oven for baking?

Currently, you can find a wide variety of stores when making your own model comparison, but it is likely that you are not very clear where to buy your product, so we have selected some places that may work for you in your search.

  • Amazon Countertop Oven-  This site is ideal for making an extensive product comparison since it has a wide variety of models and designs that can help you more easily choose what you are looking for so be sure to check all their promotions. It is an excellent store to find the best quality / price product on the market.
  • Carrefour tabletop hotno–  In this store you will also be able to find many recognized brands for this type of ovens and with availability of several units, so it is not a bad idea to also review their catalogs.
  • El Corte Ingles ovens-  In this store you will also find appliances of this type with medium quality and some recognized brands, so it is important that if you do not have a large budget, you analyze well if their offers are really good.
  • Hotno to support Leroy Merlin-  In this place you may get many models of oven for cooking, but they are almost always built-in or fuel, so you should check very well when you are in their catalogs because not all are tabletop.

Advantages of using a microwave oven for baking, what are its strengths?

Everything that facilitates your work in the kitchen is ideal for your life, that is why the best tabletop ovens on the market have always been a great alternative for the most dedicated cooks, so do not stop enjoying all its advantages.

What are the advantages of using an oven? Its advantages are:

  1. It allows you to  quickly prepare innovative meals .
  2. They can be  used very easily .
  3. There are models of  different capacities .
  4. They adapt  to any type of kitchen.
  5. They can be taken anywhere as they are  easy to transport .


It is in the mid-range that we have found the built-in oven that we believe offers the best value for money and is the most durable. We appreciate the very large temperature range (from 30 to 250 ° C) and the many functions included.

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