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5 Maintenance Tips For Your Vacuum Cleaner

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maintenance tips

It is a reality to need maintenance tips that any appliance or device, over time, will stop working with the same effectiveness and efficiency that it had on the day it was purchased, this is usually due to many factors and frequently the variation of the product, the time of use and the way in which it was used.                                               

Therefore, it is quite normal that the aspirated sleds or classic after so much time of use stop working correctly and lose power. 

In normal cases, these kinds of problems are usually ignored and could be solved with a minimum of fairly simple steps, so today we will show you several tasks to perform our vacuum cleaner in the best conditions for as long as possible. 

It is worth taking a few minutes to change or empty the bag and to check the filter periodically to keep it working effectively. 

maintenance tips for vacuum cleaner

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The maintenance and care, fundamental of your vacuum cleaner 

First of all, before you start to disassemble and clean your sled vacuum cleaner make sure it is unplugged, and if you do not know how to disassemble it, have the manufacturer’s instructions at hand to follow the steps indicated. 

Filter maintenance tips

The most important part of any type of vacuum is the filter, regardless of whether the vacuum is bagless or bagged. It retains the finest particles to avoid creating an allergic reaction in some people. 

If the filter is not cleaned regularly it can retain too much dust, it can become clogged and the performance of the appliance will suffer. Therefore, they must be subject to regular maintenance. 

How to clean the filters? 

If you want to know in more detail the maintenance tips of the filters of your vacuum cleaner go to our specific article about it. 

For bagged sled vacuum cleaners: 

Bagged vacuum cleaners contain a motor filter that prevents dust particles from reaching and damaging it. 

For bagless vacuum cleaners: 

  • Maintenance of the air outlet filter must be fulfilled at least twice a year. 
  • The washable filters are removable and wash in hot water and air dry for about 24 hours or so. 
  • Non-washable filters must be replaced with a periodicity that the manufacturer will indicate for their proper use. 
  • The engine filter is rarely replaced. 
  • The filter in the dust container should be cleaned when it looks dirty. 

If you want to know more about this process of cleaning the felts of the classic aspirates see our article on this here. 

Some vacuums are equipped with a light that indicates that the filter is dirty. This indicator is useful to avoid unnecessary opening of the tank. 

Bag maintenance tips

Some bags can be replaced and others need to be washed specific to be specific again. 

When the bag is 75% full, it is important to replace or wash it to maintain the constant power output of your vacuum cleaner. 

To avoid being invaded by a cloud of dust when the bag is empty, it is preferable to carry out this operation on a balcony, a garden or directly inside the garbage. 

Maintenance of the waste tank 

In a bagless vacuum cleaner, the dust container does not require frequent cleaning. However, it must be emptied and cleaned every six months, although earlier will be better. It is important to empty the bin and be careful to put dust on top of the garbage. Allergic people can suffer during this manipulation. 

The elements involved in the event of a breakdown 

Sled vacuums are usually a solid device, as they last quite a long time. However, you are never safe from a failure or a problem that could cause damage. 

Examples of cases that may occur: 

  • The vacuum cleaner does not suck normally. We noticed that it does not suck the dust. The causes may be a clogged component (hose or tube) or air loss due to a hose crack. It can also be a very full bag or a faulty filter. 
  • If the filter is clogged, air can no longer flow into the engine. If the bag is torn or detached from the mount, the dust gets directly into the motor and quickly damages it. In both cases, the motor overheats and we must stop the vacuum cleaner immediately and unplug it. 
  • If the device is under warranty, it may be that the replacement parts will be exchanged free of charge in case of breakage or the device will be replaced with a new one. 

Sometimes the seller sends a technician to your home and in other cases the vacuum cleaner has to be deposited directly with customer service. 

For this, it is important to always keep the purchase receipt. 

Avoid breakdowns 

To avoid breakdowns, you must use the device properly and avoid misuse such as: 

  • Do not pull the tube to drag it. 
  • Do not pull the cable excessively. 
  • Be sure to change or clean all filters and bag. 
  • Empty the tank of the bagless vacuum cleaner after each time we use it (it’s a bummer, I know, but it avoids odors, and dust and dirt stay there for a month). 
  • Use the bags compatible with the vacuum cleaner and in no case plastic bags. 
  • Do not wash or reuse bags that are not washable. 
  • Empty and evacuate the hose frequently to prevent it from clogging. 

It should be said that, if at the time you did not buy a sled vacuum cleaner with enough power and efficiency for your utility, no matter how much we do the necessary maintenance, it does not go beyond what it can, so here I leave you a link of the vacuums. 

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