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The Angel cutter or grinder is a power tool used to sand, polish and cut certain surfaces. Its versatile character has made it a very common piece intoolboxes of professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

In this article, we give you the details and a series of recommendations for the maintenance and conservation of your grinder. Let’s see.


Surely, as a fan of tools, you know perfectly well that a grinder is an electric tool used for cutting, polishing or sanding.

Surely you have stopped in our article on the grinder usage guide. If so, you will have seen that it is a piece that can be applied to different surfaces and with different uses. Therefore, it requires significant maintenance to keep it always ready.  

To know what are the steps to preserve or maintain our grinder we must distinguish the different types that we have in the market.

Mini grinders

Especially suitable for carrying out specific tasks around the home, such as cutting ceramic or tiles, stripping wood or metals. Its power is lower. 

Angle grinders

They are also portable machines, usually powered by electricity or compressed air, using different accessories. They carry out a wide variety of jobs on various materials.

Bench Grinders

It is a tool for more professional use: It is usually fixed to a fixed surface, a bench or a table.  

Take, for example, the grinder catalog by Dewalt. You will find a wide assortment of pieces that will surely adapt to the use you want to give it. We recommend that when buying you do it at an authorized dealer.


From the first moment, and before using our tool, we must pay attention to a series of steps, which will be essential for the maintenance of a grinder:

  • Read the instructions for use : We must always do it, but especially if it is the first time we use a grinder, it is essential to read the manual and follow the instructions for its use.
  • Check the work area : it is very important that the work area is clear, clean and orderly.
  • Check cables and electrical connections : it must be ensured that both the tool cable and the socket where the grinder will be connected are in perfect condition. Important! There should be no patches or tape repairs, or loose parts. This will prevent a possible electrocution accident.
  • Safety accessories . It is essential that before working with your saw you have the necessary safety accessories. If you detect any unforeseen, put yourself in the hands of an authorized dealer. It will clarify everything you need.


When we handle our power tools we must be very rigorous with safety measures. It is never advisable to be overconfident to avoid a possible incident.

We advise you to follow a series of steps:

  • Use appropriate individual security measures . As with other tools, use gloves and a helmet, as well as eye protection (glasses or screens) and hearing protection (headphones or earplugs). If you have doubts about it, go to a dealer and they will advise you.
  • Disc handling : Take special care with the cutting surface. Always handle discs with care and verify that they are in perfect condition. Never use a disc that has cracks.
  • Always work with the disk protection guard lowered , in order to avoid accidental access to it.
  • Monitor operation: Inspect the disc and its proper speed. Do not exceed the time of use. You will avoid the overheating of the
  • Side Grip or Handle – Allows the operator of the grinder to hold the grinder properly and control it in the event of a jam.


As we said, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and read the instructions for use carefully.

Grinders are tools whose characteristics and possibilities are not too often known among many users. Its complexity and versatility make it necessary to know a series of keys for its correct use.  


  • Maintenance : As with other power tools, it is essential that our grinder is in proper condition. Remove all the remains of materials from the disc that we are going to use and from the ventilation holes of the tool. Prevents dust or any particles of the work material from accumulating inside the housing.
  • Dates : there is no specific schedule regarding cleaning or maintenance of the grinder. You will have to decide yourself based on how you use the tool.
  • Support flanges and nuts : before installing the disc on the grinder, you should check the condition of the support nuts and flanges. These must present perfect conditions, to avoid any inconvenience during the work.
  • Disc inspection: If it makes a muffled sound, don’t use it. Never use a disc that has cracks.

Electrical check

  • Check the switches and electrical cables of the grinder, if they are damaged, they must be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Both maintenance operations and changes to the cutting disc must be carried out with the machine disconnected from the electrical network.
  • Original parts : always use original spare parts. Do not skimp on the maintenance of our tool. It influences its duration and its performance.
  • Power (RPM): you must make sure that the speed indicated on the accessory is the same as that indicated in the characteristics of the tool. Accessories that work faster than the grinder speed can be thrown out of the grinder.
  • Disconnection : disconnect the tool and wait for the disc to stop so that you can rest the grinder somewhere. Clean and store the tool in a dry place.

It is important that, if your angel cutter suffers a serious incident, the repair is carried out by an authorized dealer. It will offer you all the guarantees


As we have said, a periodic cleaning and review is essential for proper maintenance and to extend the useful life of our grinder.

Whatever the model and the use to which we intend it, it is especially important that we do not force it and that we also use the appropriate transport container bag or box.

We hope these tips have been useful for you to maintain your angel cutter. As official distributors of Dewalt power tools, we attach here the top best grinders of 2021.Ask us for information and we will advise you on the various options. Think that a quality tool is an investment, it is never an expense.

You have all the detailed information on the web. But do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or social networks. Come to us!


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