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Introduction: To have a dryer in your home, you will have to make a certain economic investment. That is, how to use a clothes dryer? It is important that you take care of the device afterward so that it lasts as long as possible and get the maximum benefit from it.

It is not that it is a very delicate appliance, but what it does is that you must take into account a series of tips, which we will see below. 

  • Temperature. You must ensure that you use the correct temperature for each type of fabric. Most dryers will allow you to select the time and temperature. Some models have default programs for each type of clothing. Thus, you will take care of your clothes and save energy. 
  • Amount of clothing. It is important that you do not overload the dryer, as the results you can achieve will be worse. It will not dry your clothes well and it will also use more energy. If you want to get the most out of the machine, introduce garments of similar fabrics. 
  • Spin your clothes well. Before putting clothes in the dryer, it is important that you spin them well in the washing machine. This way you will have less humidity and the dryer will achieve better results. 
  • End of washing. When the wash cycle is over it is important that you remove the clothes as soon as possible and put them in the dryer. In this way, you will prevent clothing from getting bad odors and from wrinkling more. 
  • Several cycles in a row. If you can, put several washers in a row and, therefore, several dryers as well. If you’ve just used the dryer, it will retain the heat from the previous cycle and use less energy. 
  • Ironing There is certain garments that have complicated ironing. One option is to program the dryer to leave the clothes with some moisture. This way, you can iron it more easily. 
  • Maintenance. It is important that you clean both the filters and the condenser of the machine at the end of each drying. The dryer will work better and use less energy. Also, failure to do so will force the motor and eventually damage the device

Is a clothes dryer better or a washer-dryer? 

how to use a clothes dryer

One of the questions you can ask yourself when buying a dryer is whether it would be better to choose a washer dryer.

The truth is that we only recommend this option if you do not have space or if you are going to use it very occasionally.

We say this because only then can you dry half the load of the washing machine and its drying capacity is somewhat lower. 

How much does a clothes dryer cost? 

As with any other product, on the market you will find dryers with different prices. As always, it not only depends on its functions, but also on the brand.

It is important that you always look for the best value for money. You can find some very basic models, for just over $ 200, while there are others that exceed $ 1800. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of clothes dryers? 

Without a doubt, all the information in this guide will help you to know some characteristics that dryers should have.

In addition, you know how you should use these devices to get the most out of them. But there are still other criteria that you must take into account.

Before we show you its main advantages and disadvantages, take note. 


  • Allow you to quickly dry clothes 
  • They are indispensable in cold climates 
  • They dry effectively 


  • They consume a lot of energy 
  • They are not suitable for all garments 

Purchase criteria 

We are nearing the end of the buying guide. Surely you are already clear on many aspects that clothes dryers must comply with. Y

You have probably even found the model you are looking for. But there are still more criteria that you must assess to choose the best option, such as those that we will see in the following lines. 

  • Installation 
  • Programs 
  • Features 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Brand 

How to use a clothes dryer Installation

how to use a clothes dryer

It is important that you check the installation requirements of the chosen model. For example, that you have where to place the evacuation tube or the drain.

You must be sure that it does not require something that causes you an inconvenience. Also, be clear if the chosen size will fit in the space you have.

If you do not value these aspects, you could have problems. 


It is convenient that you check the type of programs that the dryer has. You need to have options for different types of fabrics.

Otherwise, or you will not be able to get the most out of it, or you will spoil the clothes. Of course, the more programs you have, the more versatile it will be.

However, assess to what extent its price will increase. 


It is important that you analyze some functions that will be useful to you. For example, that it has a timer to be able to program its start.

It would also be interesting if it had an anti-wrinkle program since this later facilitates ironing. Another option is that it has a filter cleaning notice or that the door can be reversed. 

Energy efficiency 

Another aspect that you should take into account is the energy efficiency of the clothes dryer. Think that the consumption that the device will make will depend on this question.

The maximum level is A +++, from there the rest will be lower. It is true that you will pay more for it, but in the long run it will pay you back, especially if you use it a lot. 

Stella McCartney fashion designer 

“The Clevercare System used for all of our designs reminds our customers that they must protect the environment when washing, drying, and caring for clothes.” 


It is important that you look at the brand of your dryer. There are certain companies that enjoy well-deserved prestige and that are always a good option.

Also, if it is a well-known house, it will be easier later for you to find a technical service near your home if you have any fault.

They also usually have a customer service that can answer some questions. 


As you’ve seen throughout this buying guide, having a clothes dryer can be a great option. It will help you dry your clothes quickly, and in more humid climates it can be essential.

Try to choose a model that meets all your needs. It is important that you look at its load capacity so that it is correct. 

Evaluate the use that you will give to the clothes dryer to choose the most suitable model. Check that its installation is simple.

Do not forget to take into account the level of charge, as it must have the right capacity for you. Do not stop putting into practice all the maintenance tips that you have seen. If you value all these aspects, your purchase will be a success. 

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