Best Electric Clothes Dryer Review In 2022

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Best Electric Clothes Dryer Review  In 2022

A tumble dryer is a relatively new appliance, invented to help us with our everyday tasks like drying clothes on a daily basis. Yes, that’s right. The electric clothes dryer review is discussed in detail here. We hope you enjoy this article.

Whether due to the weather, or the number of members of your family, or lack of time, a dryer can be one of your best allies in housework, especially on cold winter/autumn days and in humid climates, where you can dry your clothes It is not possible without a good dryer.

Best Electric Clothes Dryer Review & Buying Guide

If in addition to dryers, you want to look for another appliance such as dishwashers, where you will find really cheap and very compact models, perfect for any home.

But what dryer to buy? What is the best quality/price ratio dryer? Don’t worry, if you’ve come this far you won’t have any problems, since we have prepared a list with the TOP 5 Dryers on the current market and with available stock.

Whether you are looking for a cheap dryer or the best dryer of 2021, take a look at the list that follows, as well as our various guides on buying and choosing a dryer for your home.

1.BLACK+DECKER Portable Dryer

Electric Clothes Dryer Review

With a very modern design, this BLACK+DECKER brand appliance offers washing and drying of clothes in one of its 10 programs with low energy consumption. It includes ProSense technologies, which adjusts the program to the clothes in the drum, and SensiDry, which dries clothes at half the temperature of other models on the market.

In this model we can also find the AbsolutCare system , which offers specific programs for each type of fabric , varying the movement of the drum and its temperature to care for your garments, including a special program for wool. 

Main technical specifications of the BLACK+DECKER :

  • Technology: heat pump. 
  • Load capacity: 8 kilograms. 
  • Spin speed: 1,000 rpm. 
  • Energy class: A +++. 
  • Product dimensions – 17.1” D x 23.6” W x 27.5” H | Weight – 48.4 lbs. | Inside capacity – 2.65 cu. Ft. | Load capacity – 8.8 lbs. | Vent hose – 4” diameter | Voltage – 115V
  • Perfectly sized for small spaces, our clothes dryer is ideal for apartments, campers, and dorms Includes an exhaust connector, lint, and exhaust filters.
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Performance Low Noise
  • Very intuitive use .
  • Does not have wireless connectivity
  • Leaves clothes very wrinkled.


In this model, we can see the inclusion of distinctive characteristics, which are focused on the care of clothes and improving their operation.This appliance has a price of approximately $332, which places it in the high range of washer dryers but offering quality construction and a lot of versatility. 

2. Panda 110V Electric Portable Compact Laundry Clothes Dryer

Electric Clothes Dryer Review

From the Panda brand, this is a dryer-only model that can support a maximum load of 5.5 pounds of laundry and is intuitive to use. You can choose between the more than 15 programs that it offers depending on the fabric and garment, and this model also automatically adjusts the chosen cycle to the actual load of kilos in the drum. 

To determine when the clothes are ready, it uses a humidity sensor technology and also includes a delayed start of 3, 6, or 9 hours to accommodate your routine. It is a Panda Smart device, which connects via NFC to your mobile and from there you can check that everything is working correctly. 


  • It’s perfect to use as the primary dryer in an apartment, condominium, and other small living spaces.
  • Using as secondary one in the house laundry room, convenient near the bedroom or a home gym, where frequent clothes washing is inevitable.
  • Perfect for drying baby’s clothes, small loads like your underwear, Pyjama, yoga suit, T-shirts, towel, handkerchief, socks, etc. For quickly drying clothes, we recommend not putting more than 5.5 pounds of clothes at one time.
  • Smart laundry choice- this mini washer is extremely adorable and easy carrying, light weighted and compact sized with a removable lint filter and mounting brackets included, and it saves your electricity bill.
  • Price less than $ 500
  • Many programs to choose from
  • The detector of kilos in the drum.
  • The water tank is difficult to empty
  • Has a high noise level
  • It’s just a dryer .


You can find this Panda dryer at a price of $298, with a 2-year warranty. In general, customers mention that it is a household appliance with a good value for money , offering a wide variety of programs to adapt to each need. 

3. Sentern Compact Laundry Dryer, Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

Electric Clothes Dryer Review

In this Sentern Compact model, its characteristics that help to dry your clothes in the best way stand out, as well as its technological details. This device offers NFC technology, which connects with the mobile to download new programs, detect problems or know your usage statistics. 

On the other hand, it is a washer dryer with humidity sensor technology, which has a maximum spin speed of 1,4000 revolutions per minute. You can choose between 16 different programs, including 3 for washing and quick-drying, and it also has a delayed start of up to 24hours

Main Features:

  • Drying Sensor Mode & Auto-Stop Feature: Drying sensor mode allows the machine to sense if your load of laundry has dried early, auto-enabling the ‘Cool Down’ setting to prevent clothing damage and save energy. For safety concerns, this machine automatically stops when opened if you want to add more clothes.
  • Compact & Versatile Display options: Save space in your small laundry room, apartment dorm, and more with this compact yet powerful 1020W dryer that can be neatly stacked on a washer, mounted on the wall or left stand alone.
  • Silent Drying & Precise Timer : Go about your day uninterrupted with the whisper silent functionality of this dryer, allowing you to dry your clothes at any time and enjoy a precise timer option by twisting the knob to select a customized drying time based on the load of laundry.
  • Premium Manufacturing: Outfitted with a stainless steel inner tube with built-in filter net to collect lint, pet hair and more making it easy to clean. 6.6-lb capacity. Dimensions: 19.2”x 18.7”x27.2”
  • Quick dry modes
  • Automatically detects the kilos of clothes
  • Connection to the mobile .
  • Some modes are quite slow
  • A little noisy
  • They do not recommend it for drying large amounts of clothes.


An easy-to-handle Candy model with features that differentiates it in the market. This appliance is priced at $259 and offers many different washing programs to suit each home. 

4. YAKEY Compact Laundry Dryer, 110V Electric Portable Dryer 

Electric Clothes Dryer Review

From the QCen brand, we find this model that offers a load capacity for washing of 2.65 Cu.Ft, and a high spin speed, with low energy consumption. 

It includes a delayed start of up to 23 hours, 14 different programs, a quick-dry mode, and a touch screen that indicates the mode and time remaining. In addition, it connects to the mobile via NFC due to its One Touch technology and from there you can control its status, add washing cycles, select programs by voice and program the delayed start. 

Main Features:

  • Compact Design Clothes Dryer :Our clothes dryer It’s perfect to use as the primary dryer in an apartment, condominium and other small living spaces.small size makes it easy to transport. Proven unique design allows for easy setup; With a wall-mounted bracket and a vent kit in small spaces, hanging on the wall or closets, Or place on firm horizontal ground or mounted on the rack.
  • Powerful Performance & Energy Efficient : This electric clothes dryer with 850W power to reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees to achieve accelerated drying and it saves your electricity bill. Even though it lasts rainy, you can still put on your beautiful dresses every day. For quickly drying clothes, We recommend not putting more than 5.5 pounds of clothes at one time.
  • Multifunction Intelligent Controller: You can set combined with Intelligent Dry Programs which have been set according to the material and quantity of clothing: Cool(0-20mins): cool down the temperature, Warm(30-120mins): dry and cool cloth, Anti-wrinkle, Hot (120-200min): for drying large quantities or bulky item, Air dry(0-80mins) run with cool air to freshening.
  • High load capacity
  • Many washing and drying programs
  • Low noise in drying function.
  • Dry clothes become very wrinkled
  • Some programs are very slow .


With a 2-year warranty from the brand, this model is priced at $249. It is a device that is highly valued by customers, as they highlight its robustdesign , versatility and how easy it is to use . Although it is a bit more expensive than other models, it offers characteristics that distinguish it in the market. 

5. Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer 

Electric Clothes Dryer Review

Using heat pump technology and a VarioSoft drum that takes care of your clothes, this Bosch model has the capacity to dry up to 8 kilograms of clothes. 

Among its 11 modes , it includes one for drying delicate clothes and another for waterproof fabrics, and it even has sensors that adjust the program depending on the fabric and quantity of clothes. 

Although it does not have wireless connectivity, this Bosch device has a touch LED display to select programs, show the remaining time and program the delay function for up to 24 hours . 

Main Features:

  • High performance: This powerful yet compact clothes dryer machine, 1400W dryer has a large capacity of 9 pounds. To ensure that your clothes dry quickly, it can reach a maximum temperature of 140°F. You’ll never have to use up the limited space in your yard or on your balcony to hang clothes to dry again, getting all of your laundry dry even on rainy days!
  • Front and backflip function: This portable clothes dryer has a large-diameter, stainless steel flip function, and a special, internal physical structure to deliver the best possible drying experience. These features ensure sufficient clothes rotation, prevent tangles, remove wrinkles, and leaves your clothes fluffy and comfortable. The high efficiency, the two-way flip function also helps save energy and reduces drying time.
  • Multi-function: Our compact dryer features a liquid crystal display (LCD) and has four drying modes: 1.Strong: drying even larger items quickly. 2.Intelligent: This smarts mode automatically adjusts drying time based on humidity. Great for all items, even larger ones. 3.ECO: Deodorize any clothes , dry small pieces of clothing 4.normal: More suitable for clothes that need ironing or drying small pieces of clothing.
  • Technology: heat pump.
  • Load capacity: 8 kilograms.
  • Power consumption: A ++.
  • Measurements: 59.8 x 84.2 x 63.4 centimeters.
  • Does not have a wool program
  • Your display touch can be tricky to use.


With a price of $259, this Bosch washer dryer offers a high-quality and functional appliance at an affordable price. Due to its low energy consumption and the different specific programs, it is a very functional appliance at home, to wash and dry all kinds of garments. 

Types Of Best Home Dryer And Differences 

We are going to take a look below at the different types of the best home dryers available in the market to buy, because even if you may not know it, there are more than 4 different types of dryer models for sale and each one serves a different purpose, as well as They will allow us to save electricity to a greater or lesser extent. 

Evacuation Dryer – What Is It? 

If you have ever read or seen that about evacuation dryers, you have to know that they are the first models that appeared on the market, and therefore, their operating system is simpler than other dryers. 

Its mechanism consists of several steps : taking outside air, heating this air by means of electrical resistances and passing it to the drum / drum where they heat and the air inside and expel the humid air that they extract through a tube that all models have and to be placed in a window or in a ventilated area . 

Perhaps the best thing about these more “traditional” models is that they will consume relatively less and above all they will be cheaper  than the rest of the models, since the main energy consumers will be the resistors. 

That is why the models of evacuation dryers are more popular and most of the models sold in Spain until a few years ago, implemented this evacuation system in dryers. 

Condenser Dryers 

Much more advanced than the traditional evacuation dryer, the dryer condensationsystem,  starts from the same principle as the evacuation clothes dryers. 

First they get air from the outside that they heat through resistors and introduce into the main drum, to extract the humid air from the inside, so far everything is the same. But then, they will extract that moisture by cooling it , thus condensing the air and collecting the drops of moisture in a tray, which the user can easily empty. 

The main differences in the condensation and evacuation dryer is that we do not expel humid hot air into the street , wasting energy in large quantities, since in this type, this “dry” air is sent back to the drying drum to start the process again. 

Given the two complex heating and cooling systems that these models mount, their price will be higher , although we will have a significantly higher energy use than in evacuative dryers. 

Dryer With Heat Pump 

We come to the third main type of dryers, with the heat pump dryers , the most advanced technology system applied to the commercial or domestic dryer sector. 

As was the case with the condensation and evacuation, the Heat Pump ones are similar in concept to their predecessors, finding few differences between heat pump dryers vs condenser dryers . 

In this case, the clothes dryer with a pump will not use the resistance systems of the previous models, but will take advantage of a powerful heat pump to heat the air, and the cooling system will be carried out by an “evaporator” . 

With heat pump dryers, the advantages are very evident, and it is that just as air conditioners with heat pumps are used in new installations, they are much more efficient to heat air than traditional heating elements, up to 3 times more. 

Undoubtedly, the greater complexity of this type of pump dryers will be much more efficient when it comes to saving on the electricity bill, being the models with lowerconsumption,  although on the contrary, we find some models of dryers more faces with respect to the previous ones. 

Recommendations for Buying a Dryer 

Cheap Electric Dryers For Sale

Perhaps the main aspect when buying anything and especially an appliance, with the investment that it may involve. 

To buy a dryer , we take care of the different Types of Dryers , the most expensive heat pump dryers being approximately $ 200, and therefore we will need to give it many uses (about 600 dries) to be able to amortize it today. 

To put some examples of prices of the different types of Dryers: 

  • Evacuation Dryers (7kg) – $180-210  approximately 
  • Condensation Dryer  (7kg)  -$ 280-330 approximately 
  • Dryer with Pump Deca lor (8kg)  – $500-700  approximately 

Dryer Makes Noise When Tumbling

Another fundamental aspect to take into account in clothes dryers is the noise they can reach. If we take into account that its operation basically consists of spinning the clothes, the noise levels , despite not being as high as in the washing machines, will be similar. 

The first commercial dryers reached quite high noise levels, but the latest models of silentdryers , can be really comfortable to use them daily. 

What Size Dryer Do I Need

As with the rest of the household appliances, the dryers will occupy a really large size , very similar to the washing machines , and therefore, we must take this into account when choosing models. 

There are models of compact dryers and portable dryers for smaller spaces, although they will not achieve as good results as the usual ones, as well as allowing less clothes to be loaded inside. 

How To Choose A Dryer 

Drying clothes in the open air is not always possible. You may live in a very humidarea, you do not have time or you simply do not have a clotheslineoradequatespace .The dryers can Work outthis problem and facilitate your day. 

In recent years this appliance has evolved a lot, they are more efficient and have a greater number of programs to adapt to each fabric. 

If you have decided to put a dryer in your life, this buying guide will help you choose the best one for you among all the types of dryers that you will find on the market. You must bear in mind that a dryer occupies more or less the same space as a washing machine, so you must have a gap of about 60 x 60 cm. We first review the type of dryers that you will find in stores and other characteristics that you should take into account. 

Evacuation Or Condensation Dryer? 

There are two systems to remove the moisture that the dryer is removing from the clothes: 

Evacuation Dryers 

They take air from outside, heat it up by means of electric resistances, and introduced it into the drum where it is loaded with the moisture from the clothes. The moisture-laden air is then blown out through a tube

  • Advantages: it is a simpler technology and they are cheap, 
  • Disadvantages: theyhave to be installed outside orthat allows a tube to be pulled outand they are very inefficient, since they continually take in cold external air and have to heat it.For this reason, it is a system that is already little used and you willnot find any evacuation dryer in our comparator, as we try to encourage the use and the transition to more efficient appliances.  

They would only be recommended if you are going to use your dryer quite sporadically

Condensation Dryers 

The main difference with evacuation dryers is that condensation dryers operate in a closed circuit.El humid air, instead of being expelled to theoutside,is introduced into a cooler where exchangeruntil the moisture condenses cooled.The water is collected in a tank that must be emptied after each cycle.That same air is reheated and injected again into the drum. 

  • Advantages: you can install them anywhere(the kitchen, a bathroom, a storage room …)where you have a power outlet and they are moreefficient,since by not taking in fresh air from outside, less energy is needed to raise the temperature. 
  • Disadvantages: the average price of condensation dryers is 360euros,somewhat higher than that of evacuation. 

Heating Elements Or Heat Pump? 

Until a few years ago, dryers used electric heating elements to heat the air, just like washing machines do to heat water, but now heat pump dryers are taking over, a technology similar to that used in air conditioners. . 

Resistance Dryers 

They are the classic dryers.They use electrical resistances that, when heated, raise the temperature of the air that passes through them. 

  • Advantages: they are cheap, because you can find models in our comparator fromjust over 200 euros.They are also faster than heat pump dryers, asthe average duration of the cotton program on resistance models is 86 minutes
  • Disadvantages: theyconsume more than double that of heat pump dryers, 2.76 kW on average in the cotton program, and their energy label does not usually exceed the letter B, when the current scale reaches up to A +++.Thisscale will soon be readjusted so that the maximum is once again A. Therefore, theyare only convenient if you are going to use it little, for example, in a second residence.To locate a dryer with heating elements in our comparator, apply the “condensation – heating elements” filter. 

Heat Pump Dryers 

These dryersuse a heat pump to heat the air, a device similar to that used by air conditioners, which takes advantage of the outside temperature. 

  • Advantages: theyare up to3 or 4 times more efficient than resistors.Theiraverage consumption in the cotton program is 1.33 kW, and they can carry the maximum efficiency label A +++, although you must bear in mind that in 2021 the labels will be readjusted and the best one will be A. 
  • Disadvantages: the average price of heat pump condenser dryers is 580 euros, but it compensates if you are going to use it a lot.Andtheyarealsoslower than resistance, since they spend an average of135 minutes in the cotton program.To locate a heat pump dryer in our comparator, apply the “condensation – heat pump” filter. 

Other Types Of Tumble Dryers 

There are also gas dryers,which use this fuel to heat the air instead ofelectricity.In Spain, no manufacturer currently sells gas dryers, so you will not be able to find any model in the comparator. 

Another system to accelerate the drying of clothes are centrifuges, but they have also fallen into disuse, since current washing machines can reach very high spin speeds. 

And What Are The Best Dryers? For Choosing A Few Dryer Tips

The best product is the one that the best electric clothes dryer review suits what you need, taking into account the use that you are going to give it and your budget. However, in the case of dryers, according to our comparator, we can say that heat pump condenser dryers generally obtain better results. Apart from the types that we have already explained, there are other characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing: 

  • Cost. As with all appliances, you must take into account not only the sale price but also the consumption, since the average life of a dryer can exceed 10 years.When you compare prices between stores and others, take agoodlook at the delivery conditions.Sometimes a store that seems cheaper does not include transportation, installation or even removal of the oldappliance.In many cases, it pays to choose another store that does. 
  • Dimensions and installation. Another feature that you should check is if the dryer has any requirements when installing it.For example, if it is for evacuation, take into account the outlet of the tube, or if it is for condensation with a drain option, it should be near the water outlet. 
  • Programs. There is a false myth that the dryer spoils clothes.In reality, except for certain fabrics that should not be tucked in, the rest are not in danger using the appropriate program.Also important is the accuracy with which the dryer adjusts to its programs, that is, that the humidity level of the clothes is as indicated by the program. 
  • Capacity. The capacity of the dryer, like that of the washing machine, is measured in kilos of clothes that you can put in each time.Our advice is that you choose a dryerthat has more capacity than your washing machine, since wet clothes weigh more than dry clothes. 
  • Door characteristics:with child protection if you have little ones at home or that the opening direction can be reversed (so that it is easier to square it with the washing machine). 
  • Anti-wrinkle program, consists in that the drum rotates slightly once drying is finished to prevent very marked wrinkles from forming. 
  • Filter cleaning notice, with this function you avoid having to clean the filterwith each drying, only when the machine warns you. 
  • Delayed start, being able to program the dryer to start at a certain time. 

Finally, You have to make right choice purchased the product.

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