Dewalt Table Saw Maintenance Guide: : Types of Conversation

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Dewalt Table Saw Maintenance Guide: :  Types of Conversation

A DeWalt table saw is a basic tool in all tool bags. Its utility both in the professional field and in domestic tasks and DIY requires a frequent process of maintenance of the saw.

Next, we explain in detail a series of recommendations for our maintenance and cleaning guide for our saw. Let’s see.

The saw is one of the oldest known tools and the one that has contributed the most to the progress of humanity


We can define a dewalt table saw maintenance as a tool used for cutting materials. It is equipped with a blade with a serrated edge that varies precisely according to the material with which we use it and is handled manually or electrically, the most widespread today. We will focus on it.  

Hand saws

They are those cutting tools for manual use formed by a saw blade mounted on an arch or support by means of tensioning screws.

There are different types of hand saws:

  • Rack saw
  • Universal saw
  • Point or needle saw
  • Rib saw
  • Marquetry saw,
  • Veneer saw
  • Metal saw.

Electric saws

dewalt table saw maintenance

They are those cutting tools equipped with an electric motor. Its power enables them to work with different materials and it is an indispensable piece in the professional field and in DIY.

This type of piece has evolved a lot today. Large tool factories have a large DeWalt Power Saws Catalog in their samples. Here you can also find out about all the necessary accessories for the professional 

Although there are more modalities depending on their use, the main types of electric saws are:

  • Jigsaw : it is capable of cutting all types of wood and plastics, but also, with the appropriate blade, it cuts even metals, brick, plasterboard, ceramic or glass.
  • Circular saw: it is a saw for professionals. It is designed to make long cuts in materials of all kinds, hard and soft, from plastics to aluminum.
  • Tandem saw: famous for the precision of its cuts in all types of materials that are possible thanks to the high power of its motor and the cutting force of its blades of opposite march.


For proper use and dewalt table saw maintenance, we must be careful with a series of steps:

  • Cleaning: whether manual or electric, the saw must be clean of debris and materials. It is essential that our machine is in perfect condition to be able to carry out any work or repair and conditioning work, as well as to get the proper performance from its operation.
  • Switch : Check the operation of the on / off switches so that they work correctly during our work.
  • Wiring: check the condition of the cable.
  • Safety accessories It is essential that before working with your saw you have the necessary safety accessories. Put yourself in the hands of an authorized dealer. It will update you on everything you need, think that the main thing is your safety.


Before starting our use and maintenance work, we must take special precaution and take extreme security measures. We are operating a saw and it is recommended not to fall into an excess of confidence that could cause us an unexpected mishap. 

  • Use safety measures individual right . Gloves and helmet, as well as eye protection (glasses or screens) and hearing protection (headphones or earplugs).
  • Evit ar unnecessarily touching sharp edges or cutting tips.
  • Always work with the blade guard lowered, in order to avoid accidental access to it.
  • Do not exceed the time of use. You will avoid overheating the saw or possible damage to the cutting blade.
  • As for repairing saw only must perform specialized personnel. It is advisable not to take unnecessary risks.
  • Always use the right accessories.


dewalt table saw maintenance

It is important that you always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations . Read the instructions for use carefully.

Electric saws are complex equipment with many components. It is important that you know them and understand how they work. The manufacturer’s advice will help you familiarize yourself with the equipment and its parts and will put you up to date with the instructions for its maintenance. 

Also, in the event that the saw suffers a serious mishap, it is best if the repair of saws and other tools is carried out by a Official technical service.

The steps indicated for proper maintenance of the electric saw are:  


  • Dates: there is no specific schedule regarding cleaning or maintenance of the saw. You will have to decide yourself based on the use you give the tool.
  • Keep saw blades clean for good performance. Accumulated pitch, sap, and other materials can deteriorate the blade, require more pushing force, and generate higher levels of heat through friction.
  • Avoid humidity The blades can rust.
  • Do not use a wire or hard surface brush , it may cause damage. Preferably use nylon. If you want advice on this type of accessories, go to an authorized dealer. It will inform you properly.
  • Lubrication: apply the right liquid to keep the blades in the right conditions. Go to an authorized dealer. You will get the best advice.

Review of the electrical and mechanical part

  • Check the operation of the
  • Check the electrical cables of the tool, if they are damaged, they must be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Observe the condition of the casing both inside and outside. Use the correct liquid or detergent. Follow the instructions to the letter.
  • Both maintenance operations and changes to the cutting disc must be carried out with the machine disconnected from the electrical network.
  • Original parts : always use original spare parts. Do not skimp on the maintenance of our saw. It influences its duration and its performance.
  • Transport : always use the correct type of transport container. Make sure the blades do not rub against each other, otherwise they are likely to chip.


Cleaning and periodic review are the two axes that should not be lacking to extend the useful life of our saw and that it is in perfect condition for use.

It is important to be clear about the use that we want to give to this tool and the materials that we are going to handle regularly. We must never force it and apply it to uses for which it is not suitable.

If you are thinking about which tool to buy, go for a Dewalt quality saw. You will have a guaranteed after-sales service and your official distributor will clarify all doubts about this tool and all the accessories that interest you.

You have detailed information on the web. But do not hesitate to contact us, or if you prefer by phone, mail or social networks. We will wait for you!

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