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In the ‘Deals Market‘ (deals.homekitview.com) you will find Home and Kitchen products and accessories for all your household appliances, as well as many articles with advice on how to assemble your parts and how-to videos in our Technical Advice Center.

Our product range includes Home and Kitchen appliances as well as essential household items best products review Organization.

Why is G tested for you the right place to get reliable reviews before ordering?
G tested for you is a website that is totally dedicated to research and analysis of products available to consumers.

G’s missions tested for you.

Identify the best products based on precise objective criteria teach you to compare reliably

All the expertise of G editors tested for you to make the best buys
No one wants to spend hours checking out which product is the best and yet everyone wants to make sure they order as relevant as possible. It is therefore reassuring to order from a well-known site, to favor the brand that seems to us to be the best known. However, it is just a way of doing things quickly and not necessarily a way of doing things well.

This is why we attach great importance to the creation of precise and reliable criteria for each category of products. It is then possible to make an analysis from which only the best elements will be retained, those which will satisfy any customer. We carry out the comparisons for you and we update them regularly. So you can save time by going straight to the point.

An internal comparator to help you find the best price

In order to also allow you to take advantage of the good deals of the moment, we offer a price comparison which directly highlights the cheapest store. To do this, it uses the rates available on the best online sales sites: Amazon, Boulanger, Cdiscount, Darty, Fnac, and Rue du commerce.

How is the site financed?

The site derives its income from the affiliation. That is, if you order a product from a link available in an article, we earn a commission. To do this, we participate in the Amazon EU Partner Program, as well as the programs offered by Boulanger, Cdiscount, Darty, Fnac, Google AdSense, and Rue du Commerce.

This mode of operation gives us total autonomy from brands and manufacturers. And this commits us to provide you with quality content. Indeed, if the product does not suit you and you make a return, the commission must be refunded.

Our priority, therefore, goes first and foremost to the readers!

Are the reviews really reliable?

In other words, aren’t our opinions influenced by a particular brand or group?

G tested for you operates in total autonomy from manufacturers, brands, and distributors. We do not receive products as gifts or funding to present you with such and such a device. The goal is to offer you the best models, no matter where they come from.

In our view, this is an essential condition for offering you quality and relevant comparisons.

Also, it is impossible for the editorial team to test every product. Suddenly, in addition to their personal experiences, the texts produced are based on online reviews, unboxing videos on YouTube, reliable, and above all diverse and varied columns.

How is the best products selected?

Editors work in several stages.

First of all, it is essential to determine what a good vacuum cleaner or a good mower is. That is to say that precise criteria are established and are even shared with you in the buying guides. What editors do, you have the option of doing on your own.

The second step concerns the selection of products. It is based on online reviews, user ratings, and best sellers. Then the criteria established in the first step are used to finalize the choices. It is then possible that a novelty ranks directly in the first position, but a product on sale for a few years can just as well be placed there.

The after-sales service and product durability are also studied. The best product is the one that will give you satisfaction over several months or years!

Who are the writers in charge of buying guides?

The G team tested for you is made up of professional writers, that is to say, people used to carrying out research and above all learning and becoming experts on various subjects.

Of course, everyone has their favorite fields and writes in priority on them. But their strength is their effectiveness in mastering any area, reliably and comprehensively. More details to know Contact Us.

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