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10 Best Kitchen Robots Reviews in 2023

If you don’t have a food processor yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Household best kitchen robots are born with the aim of guaranteeing a complete and elaborate diet despite the oppressive pace of life.

You don’t need to be an expert either. If something distinguishes these devices is their ease of use.

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Are you tired of cleaning the entire kitchen when trying to make a dish that requires a bit of elaboration?

Probably, because no one likes to deal with dirt on the countertop, mixer, saucepans, and more. That’s why it’s great to use a single tool to multitask.

Kitchen robots can be of two types: either a programmable pot or a food processor.

  • The programmable pots only cook the food, so that the preparation corresponds to the user.
  • On the other hand, the processors do prepare them and also cook them, but both functions are carried out separately. This being the case, they are not programmable by the hour, since you have to be aware of each process and gradually take out and put the ingredients in according to the different preparations that a single dish requires.

In this guide, you will find the 10 best kitchen robots according to our expert analysts and user opinions, from the most basic models to those with professional-type functions.

In the end, you will also find a practical comparison table and a complete buying guide so that you have no doubts before making your choice.

What will you find in this guide?

The 10 best kitchen robots

These are the best kitchen machines today according to our team of reviewers. Any of them is an excellent buy but check first that it fits your specific needs.

1. Taurus Mycook Touch | Best kitchen food processor

For technology users looking for an authentic cooking center

  • Capacity: 2.1 L
  • Power: 1,600 W
  • Programs: 4
  • Programmable: no

It is one of the most complete best kitchen robots we have found: the Taurus Mycook Touch deserves a recommendation from us, because it has practically everything.

Its little downside? 

The price is also the highest, but if you can afford it, this is the best option available right now.

The MyCook Touch is the flagship of Taurus in kitchen robots, a model that rivals in price and performance with other benchmarks in the sector such as the Thermomix.

It has a power of 1,600 W, which allows it to offer 10 speeds + turbo and cook by induction in a temperature range of 40 to 140ºC.

However, its main differential feature is its connected condition and its 7-inch touch screen.

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, it is possible to access a cloud of pre-configured recipes that continues to grow thanks to other users.

Thus, we can cook by guiding us step by step through them, from the robot itself or from the mobile using the application.

You can also cook manually by regulating the times yourself (it is programmable), the temperatures, and the speed of rotation of the blades. 

It also includes a turbo function, a scale with a precision of +/- 5 grams, and a quick access function for kneading.

If you are not a very technological person, perhaps at first it will cost you more to get used to changing screens, buttons, and roulette wheels (common in other models) for a touch panel, but it is quick to learn :

its handling is intuitive, navigating through menus in a simplified Android-based interface that you can customize.

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2. Cecotec Mambo 8090 | Best budget kitchen robot

  • High price / performance ratio
  • Capacity: 3.3 L
  • Power: 1,700 W
  • Programs: 30
  • Programmable: no

The Mambo 8090 is just one step behind the exclusive (and expensive) Mambo 10090 and ranks as one of the most attractive kitchen machines on the market in terms of performance and price.

It stands out for its 1,700W power, which allows it to reach up to 130ºC in temperature, its 10 speeds, and 30 functions, some as ambitious as crushing ice, crushing, kneading, or cooking.

And another feature that foodies, especially pastry lovers, will appreciate is the heavy gram for gram with the built-in scale.

In addition, it is very complete at the level of accessories, with a Mambomix spoon, blade, basket, spatula, steamer, and the butterfly accessory, which we can use for different preparations.

Despite its contained dimensions, its stainless steel jug is 3.3 liters (with a useful volume of 2 liters), it has a very robust closure system and a safety lid that can be removed to incorporate ingredients.

Another of its strengths is how easy it is to use. Although other models on the market have a color touch screen and even Wi-Fi functionality, the Mambo 8090 uses a very intuitive black screen that we can operate with touch buttons and a wheel, a simple but effective set.

And if we lack ideas for cooking, the recipe book offers many proposals and there is also an online community to share information.

The Mambo 8090 has an attractive and compact design. In addition, it is easy to clean, since with a cloth for the body and with the dishwasher we will have most of its accessories ready.

In summary: although the price of the Mambo 8090 is typical of the lower-middle range, it has more than enough features for those demanding users who do not want complications.

If you want to know more about this robot and see it live, here is our unboxing video and our opinion:

And if you are looking for in-depth analysis with all the product features, opinions, and better prices, you can take a look at the in-depth analysis of the Mambo 8090.

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3. Cecotec Mambo 7090 | Best kitchen mixer

The ideal robot for beginners

  • Capacity: 3.3 L
  • Power: 1,700 W
  • Programs: 23
  • Programmable: no

The first thing that catches your eye as soon as you discover the Cecotec Mambo 7090 model is its modern, attractive, and original design. Despite its name, it is possible to choose between black and silver.

Both options do not differ in any other characteristic, and both the external appearance and the operability offer quality far superior to its price.

It has twenty-three functions: chop, mince, crush, grind, pulverize, grate, beat, mount, emulsify, mix, cook, stir, steam cook, poach, slow mambo,  confit, knead, boil, keep warm, ferment,  cook with grade-by-grade precision, cooks in a bain-marie and has a turbo function.

Really, there is hardly anything I can’t do. This will show in the quality of your dishes, but, above all, in the time invested to prepare them.

All parameters are fully customizable, and the control panel is tactile and easy to use. It has a powerful 1,700 W motor that allows you to carry out tasks with efficiency and detail.

To prevent food from sticking or burning, the intelligent temperature control is divided into ten levels from 37 °  to 120 °  and the time is adjustable from 1 second to 12 hours.

The jug is made of stainless steel and has a volume of 3.3 liters. In addition, the steamer that it includes will allow you to prepare up to three dishes at the same time and with the  Mambo Mix spoon you can stir doughs up to 2.5 kg.

It also includes a book with recipes and access to Cecotec’s interactive social community.

If you want to see the differences of this Mambo 7090 with the other top models of the brand, consult our comparison of the best Mambo kitchen robots.

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4. Robot Coupe R301 Commercial 3.7 Liter Food Processor | Best kitchen robot review

  • A versatile robot at a very competitive price
  • Capacity: 5 L
  • Power: 750 W
  • Programs: 45
  • Programmable: yes

It is one of the robots that has been most successful among the general public. The reason? With a more than reasonable price, the Robot Coupe Advance offers many functions.

For starters, it has no more and no less than forty-five cooking programs. This makes it difficult to find something that it cannot do: bake, reheat, stew, braise, cook, fry, steam … You just have to select the function and set the time you want cooking to start. You have up to 24 hours in advance to do it.

You can also save your own recipes with the DIY option: choose the temperature, time and type of cooking you need. Its screen is quite intuitive and easy to use.

With a capacity of 3. 7 liters, the spherical non-stick bowl offers a very homogeneous preparation thanks to the intelligent Fuzzy Logic technology. You can also keep food at the right temperature for as long as you need with the “keep warm ” function.


Yes, it includes a steamer basket, a spatula, a measuring glass, and a recipe book to inspire you with your first dishes. Without a doubt, a very resistant robot that adapts to any need.

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5. VBENLEM 110V Commercial Food Processor | Best cooking robot

For little kitchens who don’t want to complicate their lives

  • Capacity: 5 L
  • Power: 900 W
  • Programs: 48
  • Programmable: yes, with restrictions

The manufacturer itself ( Bosch ) defines this model as a programmable electric pressure cooker. And it is that the AutoCook uses the induction heating system and pressure cooking.

To program it, you only have to choose the function (there are 17 in total) and one of the 48 programs, the time, and the start time. It does not need any supervision because it has a pulse self – depressurization procedure that makes it a safe and reliable option. 

In addition, it turns off automatically or stays in warm-up mode when finished.

The 17 functions have up to 48 different combinations of temperature and time. Depending on the temperature, which ranges from 40 ° to 160 °, you can use various cooking techniques such as sous-vide, steaming, braising, baking, roasting, or light frying.

The accessories will help you prepare most of the dishes that you propose. Includes a steamer, frying basket, spatula, and spoon.

When you’re done, everything can go to the dishwasher without any problem.

In addition, if you have any questions, Bosch puts at your service a team of specialists who can help you with the operation, the adaptation of recipes, and the ingredients.

They are called “Cooking with Bosch” and you can contact them by phone, email, and social media.

It includes a book with a hundred recipes, but you can also download the application where you will find a fairly updated recipe book.

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6. Cecotec IronMix | Best stand mixer

A robust and quiet robot for everyday use

  • Capacity: 3.3 L
  • Power: 1,500 W
  • Programs: 22
  • Programmable: no

Cecotec brand kitchen robots are usually a guarantee of quality and this model is good proof of this.

The Cecotec IronMix not only cooks, but also chops, minces, crushes, grinds, pulverizes, grates, whisks, mounts, emulsifies, mixes, cooks, removes, steams, poaches, candies, kneads, boils, keeps warm, ferments , cooks in a water bath, reheats and has a Turbo Boost function (sprays and grinds at high speed). Twenty-three functions in total, neither more nor less, although it is true that many you will not use.

Its Low Gear Technology allows to increase the power optimizing the revolutions, which translates into a more efficient and silent operation than most robots. In addition, the handling is quite  simple .

It has an LCD screen from which all the programs are controlled, the temperature (adjustable from 20 ° to 120 °), the speed (12 levels) and the time (from 1 second to 60 minutes).

It incorporates a double security system that prevents start-up if the lid is not completely sealed. So you can cook with peace of mind without fear of being confused or of children running around.

It includes a recipe book, butterfly, spatula and steamer, and its 3.3-liter jug ​​allows cooking for four people, while the two-level steamer makes it possible to prepare three dishes simultaneously . With that you will get a good time saving.

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7. Klarstein GrandPrix | Best multi purpose kitchen appliance

A robot specialized in kneading

  • Capacity: 2.5 L
  • Power: 500-1,000 W
  • Programs: 12
  • Programmable: no

This Klarstein model is at the top of the mid-range. It is not only a kitchen robot, but it can also be considered a kneading machine and a powerful mixer with twelve different programs .

With its ingenious rotation system, the GrandPrix allows you to mix even the parts closest to the edge, making it perfect for making dough .

In addition, different accessories such as stirring hook, dough hook and rods help with different mixing tasks.

Others such as the steamer, the simmering basket, the butterfly, the blades, the spatula and the 100 ml measuring container with a lid will also be useful.

Few buttons, knob and good size digital display . You do not need more to control this easy-to-use machine that incorporates suction cup feet that will ensure its position on the table or worktop.

Speed ​​is adjustable up to 12 levels. You can also select the temperature from 30 ° to 120 ° and the time from 1 second to 90 minutes.

If cleaning is an issue that worries you, it will surely reassure you to know that the glass (with a capacity of 2.5 liters) has anti-splash protection and a special mechanism to remove accessories without making more than enough dirt .

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8. Kenwood KCook Multi CCL401WH | Robotic kitchen appliances

  • Capacity: 4.5 L
  • Power: 1,500 W
  • Programs: 6
  • Programmable: no

The Kenwood house has not skimped when it comes to designing and adding functionality to its KCook Multi model . And it is that although the container has a volume of 4.5 liters, it has a huge 7.7 liter steamer and double space.

If you need to prepare hearty meals and dinners on a regular basis, with this robot you will save time and money . For example, you can steam fish and vegetables while you cook some other delicacy downstairs.

It also has a built- in food processor called Direct Prep that cuts, slices and shreds. With the Kenwood it is even possible to prepare up to four dishes at the same time.

Apart from its six functions, the most common, it also allows you to modify the cooking temperature. You have a range that goes from 30 ° to 180 °.

The accessory pack consists of a coarse grating disc, a chopping and mixing blade, a stirring tool, a blending tool, and a steaming tray. All are dishwasher safe. And if you want ideas, you can use the included cookbook or access the free Kenwood app .

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9. Moulinex HF404113 | Oliver cooking robot 

A compact and practical robot for small spaces

  • Capacity: 3 L
  • Power: 1,000 W
  • Programs: 5
  • Programmable: no

This robot Moulinex allows chopping, mixing, blending, kneading or grinding, while or cupa very little space on the counter. The bowl, shaped like a mixing glass, has a capacity of 3 liters, enough to cook quantities for four people.

Its five functions include slow cooking, soup making, steaming, desserts and warming. Enough not to complicate your life by selecting from a long list of alternatives.

The interface is quite intuitive , and allows you to start cooking in just three clicks : the one for selecting the type of recipe, the one for the program and the one to start the operation. In addition, when finished it automatically keeps the food warm , which is really comfortable if you are somewhat clueless.

All accessories can be washed in the dishwasher and stored inside the container. They are a mixing blade, chopper, whisk, kneader / grinder, and steamer basket. With your purchase they also give you a book with one hundred ready-to-use recipes.

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10. Ikohs Chefbot Compact | Best robotic kitchen companies

For those who need many cooking options at a reasonable price

  • Capacity: 2.3 L
  • Power: 500 W
  • Programs: 23
  • Programmable: no

This Ikohs  23 multi- cooker programs that allow you to prepare a huge variety of dishes such as fish and meat, creams, side dishes, dough, rice, pasta, pizzas, breads and desserts.

You can use it uninterruptedly for 90 minutes , although we miss that it is programmable so that the food is ready at the time you want. Still, it works as a good kitchen companion.

Its bowl is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 2.3 liters , a somewhat scarce measure if your idea is to make food for a group of people or for several days. Still, if you usually cook for 1 or 2 people, it is the right size.

It has heat-resistant handles, to remove the bowl with a single gesture and without the possibility of burning yourself. And it is something to keep in mind since its cooking temperature can vary from 37 to 120ºC .

We especially liked that all the materials and accessories of this Chefbot are free of BPA and other toxins . In addition, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble and can be washed in the dishwasher.

It is easy to use and, although its screen is not touch-sensitive , its buttons are well protected, which is very useful when cleaning the body of the robot with a damp cloth, as it prevents dirt from seeping through.

We have been surprised by the amount of accessories it includes for the good price it has: from a tray and basket for steaming, to a blade, mixer and butterfly blender. It also brings a book with 100 recipes adapted to this kitchen robot as a gift .

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Comparison of the best kitchen robots

This is the comparison of the best kitchen robots analyzed so that you can quickly visualize their main characteristics.

Multo by CookingPal, Smart Compact Countertop Multi-Functional Food Processor
ChefRobot Food processor kitchen processor for cooking
[14 Cup] Food Processors – 2021 MAGICCOS 1000W, 7 Variable Speeds, Upgraded LCD Digital Food Processors

Our recommendations

These are the models that we finally recommend depending on your budget:

The best quality-price kitchen robot: Cecotec Mambo 7090

Quality and price go hand in hand in the case of the Mambo 7090. It offers a lot of options at a fairly moderate price .

Its 1700 W power is at the level of high-end models. In fact, it is the most powerful of the analyzed list. And its twenty-three functions are more than enough to be able to replicate, reinvent and experiment with all kinds of recipes.

The design of the touch screen brings a plus of modernity, which is also a point in its favor.

Although the temperature only reaches 120 ° it can be adjusted degree by degree. This gives an idea of ​​the accuracy with which its functions can be regulated.

It is also feasible to choose the time up to a maximum of 12 hours, which is more than enough time.

In terms of security, it also passes with good marks: the Security Check System largely prevents accidents.

But it is the possibility of cooking three dishes in parallel that definitely catapults it as the best current option in terms of value for money.

Best cheap food processor : Moulinex Maxichef Advance MK812121

The Moulinex Maxichef Advance not only highlights its low price, but the number of programs it includes. Forty-five is a not inconsiderable figure for a robot that does not exceed $150 .

Its six-layer coating makes it strong and durable. It also  keeps food warm for up to 24 hours after programming.

This allows you to activate the time delay function and go to work or do any other task without fear of finding cold food on your return.

And although its power is not its strong point, the micro-pressure technology with an adjustable valve makes it possible to speed up the cooking time of the dishes.

Without a doubt, an excellent option for the tightest pockets.

The best programmable kitchen robot

With a kitchen robot with a programmable time, you have the option of entering the ingredients and choosing when you want it to start working. The Bosch Multi Cuiseurs is, right now, the most recommended model of all those that have this function.

For starters, it has a good power level of 900 W, because the heating is by induction and it also works as a pressure cooker.

Second, its 5-liter capacity allows you to cook a good amount of food at one time and in any of its 48 programs in its 17 functions.

We especially like the detail of being able to count on the «Cooking with Bosch» service to answer your questions about your robot and how to cook dishes with it.

Guide to buy the best kitchen robot

You will have heard hundreds of comments, but the truth is that you do not need to invest a month’s salary to get a best kitchen robots. As you have seen, you have them at your fingertips from very little money.

The main advantage of kitchen machines is that they greatly reduce the effort and time required to cook, thanks to the fact that:

  • They optimize your time , because you don’t have to use a kitchen utensil for each task.
  • They keep you clean , since you only have to wash the bowl and accessories (some even have a self-cleaning function).
  • They ensure order in the kitchen , as they are compact, take up little space and their pieces are stored together inside the container itself.
  • They reduce your work , due to its great versatility you will need less dedication and you will tire less.

Now, the purpose of this guide is for you to take home the best option according to your circumstances and needs . What can work at the neighbor’s house does not have to be what works best for you.

In each home there is a different situation. That is why it is essential that you make a decision based on your own priorities and those of your family.

What type of user are you?

Surely you like to eat well every day, but how do you relate to cooking?

Do you love to take charge and enjoy cooking?

A kitchen robot will be the ideal pinch so that you can get the most out of your dishes. It will assist you with repetitive, heavy or boring tasks while you develop your creativity .

Do you always go one step further and are you interested in innovating?

Passionate cooks love trying new things, experimenting, and mixing flavors and textures . Is it your case? Complicated preparations are much easier when you have an aid like a food processor.

Cooking not your thing?

That you do not know, do not like or are not interested in cooking will not prevent you from having to eat daily.

A food processor can be a great solution. You don’t need to know anything before you start using it: just follow the recipes point by point and leave all the work to the machine . There is little room for error.

5 reasons to buy a food processor

  1. To have more time. Kitchen robots are a tool that allows you to shorten preparation times , allowing you to save many minutes every day. Even if you choose to spend that extra time on cooking, you will see that the return you get is much higher.
  1. To maintain order and cleanliness . A kitchen robot only stains the essentials. In addition, the removable parts of most models, such as the bowl and accessories, can be washed in the dishwasher.
  1. To have a healthier diet . With the kitchen robot you can prepare different dishes and with more varied ingredients, the foundation of a balanced diet. No more eating, always the same.
  1. To improve the flavor of your dishes . With the kitchen robot there is no possibility of making mistakes because the quantities, times, speeds and temperatures are always correct. The results will be as intense or even more than if you had dedicated hours.

To have fun cooking. Using a food processor you will have fun trying new recipes and flavors. Due to its speed and ease of use, you may end up cooking for pleasure rather than obligation.

Points to consider when choosing a kitchen robot.

It is difficult to find the best kitchen robots that meets each and every one of the aspects in a satisfactory way, but not impossible. Either way, evaluate what is the priority for you and start there. Go descending in your order of preferences and always opt for the most complete alternative within your budget .

Types of kitchen robots

There are basically two kinds of kitchen robots:

1. Preprogrammable pot type food processor

Oval or round in shape, the heat is distributed evenly inside and there are no parts of the food less cooked than others. They have several functions, but their greatest advantage is that they are programmable in advance . That is, you can decide what time you want it to start working, leave the recipe ingredients prepared inside and leave.

It is comfortable because the process is carried out in a single elaboration that you do not have to monitor . All foods are added at once and cooked together. When finished, the heating function activates itself.

You will only have to wash the container at the end. They are usually made of aluminum and covered with a non-stick material that is damaged by scratches and replacement is expensive, so it is advisable to do it with great care .

This way of cooking also has its drawbacks. These devices do not sting, mix, or grate. All processing tasks have to be done in a conventional way . In other words: the robot only takes care of cooking the food that is already prepared in different ways . And this limits the number of recipes that you can make only with the help of the machine.

This is your option if …

You work outside and you really want to get home and find lunch (or dinner) ready for the whole family. Also if you do not want to be aware of the device at all because you prefer or should use your time in another way.

2. Food processor type food processor .

They are more complete than the previous ones and also more expensive. They incorporate food processing functions, so you don’t need to do anything outside of the machine. Grind, knead, emulsify … 

The recipes are prepared step by step through the guided instructions that you will find in the recipe book, the application or the screen (which can even be connected to your own mobile devices).

Everything in the recipes is calculated so that you have no doubts : the amounts, the degrees of each preparation, the correct speed and the exact minutes.

Each recipe can consist of several preparations, so it is necessary for the user to remain next to the machine until the last one has been started. In cases where the food is not cooked all at the same time, it is essential to add each one in the correct order .

You can’t just walk away and hope that when you come back the whole process is complete, unless it is a single task. Another weak point is that they do not usually have automatic shutdown or maintenance of the temperature of the food once cooked, these two are characteristics more typical of kitchen robots programmable in advance.

This is your option if …

You want to save time preparing multiple recipes that would otherwise take you a whole morning. Also if you are looking for professionalism in the finishes .

Easy to use

A good kitchen machine has to be easy to use intuitively , no matter what the price is. Control panels can include analog (buttons) or digital (displays) parts or be digital only. However, the fundamental thing is not this, but that you understand the handling .

Ask yourself, could anyone use it without complications ? Are the instructions and commands on the screen clear and are they available in your language ? Are the icons, symbols and light signals representative enough?

All three answers must be a resounding “yes”. If something fails, you better keep looking. In order to fully exploit the qualities of your robot, you have to be able to understand it effortlessly and without having to study. A quick glance at the instructions should suffice.


Do not get carried away by the number of programs. This does not make one robot more versatile than another. In fact, if you look at the selection, the most expensive ones are the ones with the fewest number of automatic programs.

Many brands combine the different functions (blending, roasting, boiling …) with all possible settings for temperature, speed and time ; and that’s how they get a high amount of shows. Knowing this, you should rather observe whether or not these parameters are adjustable . 

If they are, you have at your service all the combinations you want.

As a general rule, food processor-type kitchen robots are more versatile. In the vast majority of them you can cook two dishes at the same time and some reach four. They achieve this thanks to accessories that are placed on top of each other vertically, for example, container + steamer on two levels.

Practical advice for a good choice

The first thing you should be clear about is what type of kitchen robot you need. Pre-programmable pot or food processor?

The design enters quickly through the eyes, but it is not the most important thing. Choose the best kitchen robots that is really capable of helping you in the kitchen. If it is also beautiful, the better!

Like any gadget you’re using for the first time, it takes a bit of practice. There are so many options and you don’t have to limit yourself to the usual just because you don’t really get to learn how to use it.

The robot is a helpful cook, but that doesn’t mean you are leaving the kitchen. If the stove is a pleasure for you and you like to entertain yourself in it, you can use the robot for specific tasks.

You don’t have to do everything: just chop your vegetables, love your bread, or make rice. You put the final point on the plate and the expert eye.

The integrated balance is replaceable. Many models incorporate printed scales and measuring accessories. You can find a scale at any home furnishings store. Bottom line: not a deal breaker.

What is decisive (or at least it should be) is the guarantee offered by the manufacturer and / or the seller. Find out well before finalizing your order.

Look for recipe tutorials on the internet, there are hundreds of options for all makes and models. Try to experiment from the most basic to the most complex.

Never leave your old food processor on the street. Take it to a clean point or make an appointment with the municipal cleaning service to come and pick it up.

Now you know everything you need to choose your best kitchen robots well. Remember that the most important thing is that it adapts to your lifestyle and that of your family: only then will you be able to get the most out of it and save time and effort when preparing food.

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